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You cannot reply anymore.

I'm not sure where else to ask about this, but I'm sure you guys will be able to help.

Recently I've come across a lot of art, that seems completely normal sober, but on LSD can be revealed to contain intricate patterns.

They usually look very similar, like they were made with the same program.

I only have a couple examples, all are trees, which seems to be a common way to do this.

It might be a shot in the dark but someone has to know what I'm talking about? Or have any other examples?
>take psychedelics drugs
>see stuff that isn't really there
kys degenerate
I'll explayn more in depths if you want, it can be explained with math,
Oh and more high you are, more promminent becomes this pattern. Untill it just turns into fractal warp.
non addictive, non toxic drugs are really bad, m'kay

Yeah, good call, but i think what he saw was the pattern of the artifacts from the jpg compression.

OP do you have better examples.
File: 20170627_142530.jpg (155 KB, 562x550)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
I think that this is it, I'm not exactly sure and wouldn't understand the math if you explained it to me.

Here a few more examples I just found randomly on Facebook. Sorry they're not great, they're impossible to find, especially since you cant see sober.

I only found these few through Facebook suggestions when tripping.

I think there's a tutorial for doing it in this specific way out there somewhere, because it's always done on trees.
File: 20170627_000433.png (479 KB, 558x541)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
Hold onto these pictures and try them out on your next trip, you'll see what I mean, somewhere out there the a cg artists who can create hidden fractals only visible on LSD
File: Phylo.jpg (5 KB, 120x121)
5 KB
>Self-organizing tree models for image synthesis. ACM Transactions on Graphics 28(3), 58:1-10, 2009.

I think this is it. From what I can tell, you design something like a fibonnaci spiral, with fractals, over the branches of a tree.

It makes the effect invisible until you're on LSD, and the fractals stand out more than the tree.

Also, I find that staring at these things for longer makes the pattern infinitely more complex the longer you stare, and resets when you blink, it's kind of cool.
Kill yourself you degenerate faggot
>drugs r bad children
There is a picture of Buddha on a scroll that I saw thumbing through some Alan Watts commentary. The smoky and seemingly placed by mistake brush strokes and wet dots flow perfectly around the Buddha and appear like a constantly rising smoke that really tripped me out, ill try looking for pic or at least screenshots the video in question. Something tells me Asian art is a big proponent of this
It's this one OP!
File: 4352780.jpg (169 KB, 900x675)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
>rising smoke

I've seen this before in a book about "black magic" etc, the words literally started smoking and the page turned into a giant hole that seemed to be deeper than the book, not the best trip, but it's how I learned about pre-established hallucinations, and how LSD can be used as a key to unlock things you wouldn't be able to see sober.

That photo looks like it may be one of these "hidden art" psychedelic pictures, I'll definitely look into it next time I'm tripping!

Spirituality and psychedelics go hand in hand, especially Buddhism it seems., maybe it's considered something close to enlightenment? Or at least a good metaphor for it? Finding music and images that contain hidden secrets for LSD user is beccoming a hobby of mine. They're not that easy to find though, especially ones that appear normal sober, like the two albums covers I've posted.
>non addictive, non toxic drugs are really bad, m'kay

It's your brain, delude yourself as much as you want.
Next time anon, why don't you trip in nature, don't stare at fucking trees on Facebook.
There are no fractals hidden in pictures.
Trees are fractal shaped.
You have taken a strong psychedelic substance which kicks your visual cortex into overdrive.
The longer you stare at something the more fractal it becomes because your brain is in a feedback loop.
If it is visible when on acid, but not visible when sober whats the answer Sherlock?
Well, its the substance which is responsible for that. No reason to believe in magic artist who hide their art in pictures so that you can discover it when you're high on acid.

There is however an art sub category called psychedelic-art full with images made for altered states of consciousness or to illustrate said states. You'll get a kick out of it.

Drink your perfect legal toxic and addictive alcohol and smoke legal but cancer-inducing tobacco and shut up when people talk about real drugs, kiddo.
I mean, you're definitely not wrong about tripping in public being healthier than tripping in front of a screen, but you are about "magic" artists who hide LSD eye candy in everyday images.

I like going on acid subreddits when I'm high, but it's not what I'm talking about, those are almost always images that look trippy even when sober. The images I've posted in this thread all contain certain sections, specific sections, that contain hidden fractals designed to be stared at under the influence.

This is a replicable experience, and can 100% not be chalked up to normal hallucinations, as they are fully intended, and in fact somewhat similar in appearance.

Try them out on your next trip, specifically the fishmans and symphony x album covers, because those two exhibit this phenomenon in the bottom right hand corner, and can be starkly differentiated from the rest of the picture. If you are an LSD user, I guarantee you you will change your mind about the phenomenon exhibited in these images on your next trip, if you choose to view them.
Do you listen to yourself sometimes?
Its 100% replicate-able because you use the same drug and the same image and the same Brain. If i would take the drug i might see it too, BUT that doesn't prove anything besides that this image produces certain kinds of visuals.
I know seeing is believing and i am not doubting the visuals, its your incoherent reasoning about intentions of the author/artist that is highly speculative and unbelievable.

Not something uncommon, you can chase that dragon further into delusion-country, or you can get a grip on reality, your choice.
It's incoherent because it's something meant to only be seen under the influence of a psychedelic, that's what makes it so interesting to me. Are there people, who understand the stark differences of a brain on LSD and a sober one, well enough to create art that is meant only to be visible on the drug? The answer appears to be a resounding yes, you don't have to believe me if you don't want to, in just letting you know that that's what happening in these images.

It is 100% meant to be viewed on LSD, you can strawman me all you want, and play me for a madman to prove whatever point you're trying to prove, but I know for a fact, as does anyone else who's experienced this phenomenon, that this effect is intended to be eye candy for LSD users, under the effects of the drug.

The second album is called paradise lost, you can watch as the effect slowly fades away throughout the trip, becoming less and less pronounced as you lose the high.

I literally came to this place to figure out how they produce these special visuals, not ask you if the were actually intended, I dont need you to tell me that because i already know they are.

Do you even know what chasing the dragon means? Or have you ever actually tried LSD?

You now live in a reality where LSD allows people to see hidden art they cant see sober, its none of my business if you'd like to remain in denial of that fact, your reality is what you choose to make it.
Its incoherent because it is a delusion. Stuff looks awesome when you're tripping. That's it.

Like i said, there is a subcategory of art full with images meant for consumption under the influence and there are artist who interpret their experience. There sure are some techniques to make an image pop when tripping but nothing which is completely hidden when sober.
If it is hidden when sober one might argue that it isn't there.

These album covers and images are just random stuff. I know exactly because i have experienced this phenomenon a hundred times together with other mind-fucking things.
Not just staring on a screen, right there out in nature.
I spent 3 months in the Peruvian Jungle with indigenous Shamans drinking Ayahuasca and other strong stuff.
I also have experiences with DMT, LSD, Mescaline, psychedelic mushrooms, Yopo and Iboga.
I do understand very well how the human brain under the influence of a strong psychedelic works and i spent a huge amount of time trying to find out whats going on visually when i do that.
The simple (and boring) scientific answer: Its your brain on Psychedelics.

What has been asserted without proof can be rejected without proof.
You are making the crazy statements, you need to prove it.

Believing in strange conspiracy theories is fun sometimes, but you're wasting your time chasing an illusion (not a dragon/heroin).
You won't find an answer how "they" do it because there is none.

Next time instead of staring at a screen, lay down in a dark room with chill music and close your eyes.
If the dose is strong enough it'll be 10 times more awesome than what you are doing currently.
dude if he's on fucking reddit when he's high, it means he's not. I gave the first answer, then just stopped.
when I take psychodelics, (I'f I'm in condition where I can walk) I must leave the place where the trip is starting, because I know that it'll get 100 x better than the place which I already decimated visually on come up.
>If it is hidden when sober one might argue that it isn't there.

I mean, if you can't see them right now when you're sober, and I can guarantee you can see a visual effect that's 100% intended, all you can do is try to sully my opinion for whatever reason you're choosing to do so. I have literally no reason to believe your experiences, but we can argue pointlessly, for the sake of defacing complete strangers, for something you can't disprove, like it's atheism vs Christianity, but you're not going to believe me because you don't want to, and I'm not going to believe you because I'm pretty sure you're lying to prove a null point. If you want to believe that I'm delusional instead then you lose out on experiencing what I'm sharing with you here. Again, completely your choice.
you tripped when you were high, probbably it was your first or something like that, and now you believe in it, lsd also effects brain kinda "spiritually"(that's what hi[ppies call it, but it acts more like schiszophrenia) and if you'll start following the "trip" you'll find more and more links in it, because that is what you want, and you are fueling your own carwing for that sensation which that discovery gave you.

I said Fininnaci, and that is the answer, some branches are from above and they form fractal like shapes, because that's how branches grow from the tree. and that pattern is in whole nature, that how organism grows. + also I said if you'll take ghigher dose you'll start seeng same pattern in everything.

and again, I really pity you, if you are really wasting that awesome experienes on shitty .jpg s. you can get sooo much more from it.
Alright thanks man, I'll definitely look into getting out more on my high, maybe dosing later in the day so I can leave my home without worrying too much about everything going on around me. I have fairly severe social anxiety, so I try to keep my trips reserved and mellow at home.

This whole "more than meets the eye" aspect, of this art form I'd really like to believe exist, appeals to me as making the most out of a what you have, even if it's just a personal treasure trove of hidden gems in music and visual arts. I guess that applies well to walking down the sidewalk and appreciating your neighbourhood/enviroment as well.
Get a trip-sitter dude. Somebody who is with you and sober and can help you when you have some problems. Needs to be someone you absolutely trust.
Also, running around in an urban environment might not be ideal, only when the dosage is not too overwhelming, otherwise its an receipt for disaster.
Get your fucking ass into nature, that's where the magic is happening.

Also get yourself some shrooms, they might be helpful dealing with your social anxiety and fear in general.
Shame I can't help out. I have 3.5 oz of cubensis that I don't take cause they just make me fall asleep.
absolutely go where are not that much people. LSD is not for public IMO. and are you tripping alone? the best thing when you are 4. and lsd has strange thing, you either are good with person in lsd or you are awkward with each other... you'll never know until you'l try it with them.
if you like tripping alone, home, you must try K. I think K and visuals on screen are the best mix.

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