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File: Grójec_Hol (4).jpg (731 KB, 1200x1164)
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Just want to post my behance, thought that I can get some feedback. This is my first folio ever, so Im not sure If im doing it right.

Can you suggest some stuff that I can add here?

did you make the assets or did you take em from somewhere?
Depends on scene, but most models are myne.

Especialy in Ania's projects.
Then they're good.
Thanks, any suggestions what can I add? I mean what is it missing as folio type
Overall the scenes and lighting looked satisfying. One thing kept bugging my eye was the noise and some of the lowpoly decoration on Warsaw-Anias-Terrace. But instead of re-rendering everything to get rid of noise, you can use a filter to reduce noise in your renders. A few object placements in some scenes didn't really make sense but I guess it's just up to your design so its ok.

Good thing you didn't use chromatic aberration or ridiculous bloom in your scenes. Stay away from those and keep the smooth lighting you got in your scenes. Overall it looks pretty good.
The low poly stuff you mean the bar stools? Its just they type of product. Yet I now have noticed that the bed can use some iterations.

Thats for your opinion, will keep that in mind.
The noise it's not an issue. Only obsessive-compulsive people notice stuff like that. The problem is the subject is fugly and depressing. Is that little coach supposed to be punishment for people who have to sit on the side? It's squallid.
And why are three square penises protruding through the roof? Why the spot lights on the left have to look like surveillance cameras?
>The noise it's not an issue. Only obsessive-compulsive people notice stuff like that.
blenderfag detected
your work is very good. i don't see much room for improvement

the one thing that keeps bothering me (not particularly with you but with many others) is that the lightning doesn't have too much depth.
what do i mean by that? that the room is almost fully illuminated apart for the shadows in the crevices. i know its easier to have present more detail when the scene is more lit but it takes away a little bit of realism
lightning and shading is good, your modelling needs some work.

Also couple tips on this render:

in this picture the shadow casting seems a bit strange, when you are looking at how the shadows of the plant are cast on the door in relation to how the directional lights are cast and relational to the shadows that are cast on the horizontal structures. I would just remove these shadows (on the door).

Your couch also seems to be disproportional (small) in regards to the rest of the room.

Also a small touch up on the plant, use a HDR map reflection on the metal side of the pot using a rendered HDR image from the room, this gives a better "feel" of the reflective properties of the metal.
File: Interior_Moldings.png (49 KB, 900x932)
49 KB
Hey there mate,

I don't do 3D (my cup of tea is graphic design), so I'll give you some feedback on your work in general, from my perspective, OK?
"XOXO Private Appt" is great: your work with color is very sharp, full 70/25/5 compliance (azure-beige-white). Very aesthetically pleasing as a result. But try not to use ALL pastels next time: one "pure" (low in chroma) color is a must.
"Ania's Main Area" needs a change of color for the furniture. Try red. Matte tiles on the walls are excessive: just paint soft, almost white pink atop the concrete. Place a brochure stand there. Cut down on metals and those moscito-sized LEDs, they're no good for room of any size.
"Ania's Bedroom" is great, but try to use something in place of those pillow tiles. We only ever use those in mental wards. Cold metal is not a good choice for the bed. And again, add one pure color: try black, purple, or gold, apply it to the table, pillars, and curtains.
"Willanow" is a very smart piece. God damn.
"Natasha" relies on LEDs too much. If you just want the glow, paint larger areas blue and put a light source nearby.

And don't forget: THE MOLDINGS.

I use this as a refresher: pick my palette, check for contrast, save on Adobe Color.
great tips

out of curiosity when is a 'chair rail' used?
Right... So you need to research "chair railing", or "Dado". It's a decorative piece, you'll want to install them in living areas... Or a bathroom! It's up to you!

But yeah, here, looks at some of these pictures:
You see what you're missing out on in your work?

I recommend having them in golden ratio: 1 part is your Dado piece, 1.618 part is empty wall above it. It will be waaay too much in 50% of cases, so you'll want to use either one of the alternative geometric standards used in architecture, like 1:2,5... I had a list of those somewhere, can't find it!
Oh, and while we're on the subject... Are you afraid of painting interior walls? I've just been to your website, and while you're definitely not conservative with your exteriors, on the inside, oh man...

You know what? You should definitely do a Google Image Search of "color in interior design". Get inspired, hell, get bold with it. Make 'em black and cover them in line art; go asymmetrical when close to light sources. Like a straight up trapezoid across the windowpane?
Also floors... Don't forget that they too can be stripy, dotted, etc. Everything is subject to texture. And paint.

Good luck!
Mentally ill people who might like the stuff you're suggesting are too niche of a market.
Dont be mean mate, he took his time to help out.

Thanks I think that your ideas are good, but Im not sure if Im good in that.

Can you point out the bad modeling part? Im not sure what you mean by that, I was pretty happy with my models.

I really apriciate your time and effort, some of the stuff shown here are unfortunately the clients taste. About that Mico-LED's those arent made up its a product called "Buzzi & Buzzi" are they really that bad? I thoght that they add bit "jeverlery" shine to the objects in scene.

How I fix the light depth? What can you suggest?

Noise is an issue in some render engines, I get that why normies wont notice that, but lets be real most of people here are proffesionals so if I want to be taken seriously I need to reduce the noice levels.

Cheep lamps for the ceailing and well, that "camera" lamp thing is well.. I liked that.
File: Sarmacka_Ogrod_0002.jpg (3.63 MB, 2400x1800)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB JPG
added new project.
Why, I'm glad that you liked my proposal, but...
You're not some "niche market", do you hear me? You'll never be alone in your struggle, we're here for you.
Stay strong.
>How I fix the light depth? What can you suggest?
maybe look at your shadow settings. im not a big expert on shadows but i know that it can be corrected with tonemapping. however be careful and not use it too much.

also when looking at your vegetation, i suggest you add a slight yellow gradient/hue to your leaves(you can color mix or add hue). because 100% green vegetation does not exist

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