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Ok guys, i want to talk with the masters here. I want to spit it out and know the truth. Basically, im kinda new to 3d (2 years of learning and studying), and i want to make some money now. But for real, i dont know what im feeling about work. Yeah i dream about working at big shit like Pixar, Blizzard, as animator, 3d modeler, yeah who doesnt? But the thing is.... i dont feel like working to someone else, thats the shit,

I dont feel like working to someone to do stuff they want and that has deadline, so be fast and work hard bla bla bla. I want to work smart. I want to do things i want, and get paid with it (im not into 3d porn shit. Lot of money there though)

So TL'DR: Is it worth to try right now to get money with my own stuff(selling assets, materials, doing animations...crowdfund stuff), or thats something for the future to think about?

Im really confused what way to go...(follow your heart, thats so sweet)
Dunno what the state of freelance is, never done it.

What I could tell you is that working in the industry, even for a short while, can be an invaluable experience if you manage to surround yourself with talented seniors. Yes, you can get good entirely on your own, but if you're at a level where you could get hired by some decent AAA it would be a smart move to work for a year or two and pick up some additional experience that'll help your work really stand out from the masses. Then you can decide for yourself if modeling as a dayjob isn't for you, and if you wanna continue or quit and go freelance.
you can go with your way. but you must be really fucking good and stand out to hold your own and it's even harder without shilling first. so git good, I mean saint level good.
lots of demand for porn

Yeah AAA industries are a really golden oportunity. But the way to go there, demands a lot of experience of work. Well... looks like theres no other way to get there if not by doing a lot of jobs to indie studios...

Maybe theres another way actually, but you really have to be good.... i guess artist working at AAA industries hires people with outstanding incredibly good portfolio? and not exacly about work experience but a really good portfolio only... maybe that happens? i dont know...

but thats something to think about i guess
Sell assets for a passive income. UE4 has a smaller birth of assets on its marketplace, but that works to your advantage because there is a limited selection. If your product is quality on UE4s marketplace, you can be sure you'll make serious cash on it. As for Unitys asset store, its much easier to get your assets on, but you also have a ton of competition. The difference is, is that there's also a lot more customers on it, and you can make plenty of money selling kits, scripts, and things that are hurting in their respective areas. Bottom line, creative so many assets for each marketplace and you can work on your own projects while still receiving a good amount of revenue.

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