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File: screenshot.png (57 KB, 1616x727)
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What do you think of my dream home's current draft?

As it came out of my head, it ended up looking like a fortress, revealing my PTSD.

The U shape in the back was inspired by the japanese engawa, but a U shape needs something worthwhile like a pool or a table in the middle of that little 2 meter space. I doubt the children would play there and you're hardly connected to nature tucked back there. Perhaps I should stop wasting space on this U design.

I'm worried that the blocky uniformity looks boring at its core, no matter what dressings I put on top. Ironically, this fortress looks a bit stressful, with the need for protection, rather than just being a home. It is also stylistically unimpressive.

I'm considering a complete redo, with more inspiration from Queen Anne Victorian. More varied shapes pushed and pulled in and out. Perhaps this can disguise the defense sniper tower, choke point, and machine gun roundhouse.
File: screen2.png (54 KB, 1631x726)
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Nobody cares about your PTSD, this isn't your blog, your work is trash, use the WIP thread.
Your 'engawa-inspired' veranda is still just a veranda you damn weeb.
Why are you designing in a 3d program? Sketch that shit out first man. Just a heads up though, it's looks very boring and impractical ATM.

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