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Learning blender rigging/animation makes me want to kill myself.

Is there a simpler software to pick up or am I going to have to kill myself
rigging/animation is the least annoying part
Maya seems to have better rigging and animation as far as I know.

Good tutorial of basic rigging, then shape it to have a good comfort when you animate.
Come on just google tutorials, once you know the basics rigging is easy. Theres no software who will make what you have to do, so don't be lazy and learn.
Maya or any softawre you have to do it manually. Maya have just some options for bones shape/vertex influcence, muscles simulation etc... But you have to parameter them too.

Any 3D software need to be configured, and you have to rig manually.

Theres pre-made/rigged skeleton who can speed up your workflow.
No you don't have to rig manualy.
Why are you so dumb you idiot ? Like I said is a premade skeleton learn to read you piece of shit
Rigging is a bitch, I'll give you that. But the animation tools are actually pretty decent for a free program. Not as robust as say Maya, but still, you could do worse.

However, if you're willing to shill out 30-36$, there is an addon that takes out most of the hassles of rigging in Blender.
I'm with you, modeling and rigging are the most tedius parts of working in 3D animation so far. It's also the most rewarding but damn... the amount of skill and effort is higher by far than just making cool shapes and stuff.

this comment is dumb.

first learn good modeling, then good rigging, then good animation I guess. it's not easy.

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