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Opinions on buying a kinect to do mocap?

is that the poorfag way to animate?
Ive heard someone doing it, but they were doing it for themselves. Are you planning to work in the industry if so then what about if someone asks you to animate. It would be better to invest these money into some professional software.
Is recording yourself with a camera a suitable reference for animating? Has anyone ever done it and found it useful?
Yes that definitely works. If you have more than one camera you capture yourself from different angles simultaneously and synchronize the clips.
I saw a video of it recently and the results looked OK. I would guess it takes approximately 60% of the work out of a typical animation shot.
I remember when people started first trying this out. You needed multiple Kinects to do it, I remember reading somewhere a year or so back that they made it possible using a single Kinect. Though it wasn't as good as actual soft/hardware designed for it.

If you have a way of getting a kinect for cheap, I'd say go for it.
a kinect is 70 bucks bro.
nope, 360 kinects are $20 and new kinects are $40.

Does anyone have any good tutorials for mocap and kinects with blender? Can you do this completely in blender? Don't want to buy some $500 software for a $20 camera.
by new kinects I mean kinect 2 for xbones, btw

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