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We all know that asset flipping (using assets from the unity storee) is frowned upon.

So I was thinking.

Is possible to simply download the meshes, animations and simply make my own textures?

will people still complain about it?

But, like, people will still complain.

People will always complain.
Asset flipping is only when you just shit something out with minimal effort.
Making the textures is the hardest part though. I've heard many professionals state that a bad model can be saved by good textures.
I'd reverse that: A good model will be still ruined by bad textures. Good texturing can elevate a shit model, but you can polish turd only so far.
>asset flipping
what's being flipped
do you need a magic trendy nickname for "using assets" that makes it sound cooler
spoilers: you don't
No op, that is not what asset flipping is.
You can buy assets from any store and use them, no problem.
Releasing the same shitty fucking game every 3 months, but changing the enemy types and models with cheap assets from the store, THAT is asset flipping and its rightfully frowned upon.
Anons, serious question so I hopefully wouldn't have to create a separate thread. Has anyone sold in Unity store an asset you made with a pirated software like Maya, or with a texture from pirated 3d painter? Can the Unity review team spot you and reject you?
holy fucking shit you faggot stop asking this question
protip: OBJ at best has comments you can remove
please fucking flip yourself
>stop asking this question
Or what?
I've yet to find an anon who has done it and has info on it. Everyone else just provides a generic answer like 'you can open objs with notepad', which im grateful for, to a degree, but still have to ask more anons about it. Google provides literally no info on whethere there is meta/hex data or something like that. Especially in the image (texture/map) files.
you need to understand that 3D files contain world location and vertex location, UV coordinates and stuff like that.
if 1 program writes something to a file you can sort of "launder" it with another program.
in the 3D world there is stealing and phony people but the phony people don't make any money anyway as it hard to get work in the first place, even if you are honest to god 3D artist.

there are plenty of free models out there, plenty of stuff you can pirate. 3D stuff is just cheap and its everywhere. you are not gonna rake in cash just because you stole something.

its most likely the original artist will find out and point a finger at you then scanning your obj data
What could be 'stuff like that' and 'a program writes something'?
>stuff like that
stuff that depicts your mesh inside of a 3D world
>'a program writes something'?
didn't mentioned that
>if 1 program writes something to a file you can sort of "launder" it with another program.
when you export obj file your 3d program just writes numbers into a file so that other programs can sort of describe how it was when you made it at first. this is why certain file types are better than others, they all have different ways of writing these numbers.
Well, that's not kind of info im looking for, but thanks for your replies anyway.
i think you are trying to find info that does not exist.
we already told you a couple of times that no one gives a shit if you pirate models, swap them, asset flip, re-skin. because you can't mash content like its a caesar salad and make it work.
I'm literally trying to do the opposite. I want to create my own stuff but I'm broke as fuck and concerned how i would sell it, if i made them on the pirated software.
use blender and GIMP retard.
What an insughtful post. How did i not think of this.
it depends what you are using.
why not do a 1 time subscription and then claim you had license at one point?

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