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Not sure if this is the correct board for this, but i'm currently working on a project in Unity, and i'm wondering if anyone knows how to create models that automatically animate when you put them in your scene.

I've downloaded a few simple trees that sway and bend slightly in the wind as soon as i place them in my scene, but i have no idea how they automatically do that without me having to tell them to do so.

Does anyone know?
They are called prefabs. Look into those.
In Unity, to animate an object you'd create and place on your object an animator component, in your asset panel you'd then create an animation controller and place it within the animator component of the object. For animation itself, you'd create on your asset panel an animation asset, it will store the actual animation.
The tree prefabs you've downloaded probably had all of this already.

To 'automatically' animate meshes, you'd have to dig into the Unity's rigging system.

Tge right board to ask about Unity would be >>>/vg/agdg
Thanks for the feedback.

The shader for the moving parts of the models is called Custom/Diffuse shake. Is the shader making them move ever so slightly?
I cannot say. Shader can handle rendering that can appear like the object is animated - through, say, vertex animation.

Name is just a custom name, you can name your shader whatever you want.

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