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Anyone use AutoDesk Revit for 3d architectural modeling?
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ayo yea but architectural in the most brain numbing sense. I work at a large architecture company and EVEN in the most corporate of corporate drone settings we use Rhino to get the ounce of creativity required before moving into AUTOCAD for test floorplans and hand it off to the revit team without looking back. Some designers still use sketchup to design. I know right? But it doesn't matter. If you meet the revit department its one of the most soul crushing places, one of the most normal, painfully normal, and rote parts of architecture with more interest in "oh i have a chao hes so cute" or "i love tiramisu" and never architectural theory. Thom mayne and other cool firms use microstation for BIM. Revit is the Wal Mart of architecture.
i find revit to be unusable honestly
>Anyone use AutoDesk Revit
I do
>for 3d architectural modeling
oops, no. I only do the structure part.
I have a different experience of working with revit. I worked for a very small company (4 people) for about a year and we just used revit and a bit of autocad. I found it to be very efficient, which was a godsend when the office was so small. We'd make an initial model in a couple of days to a week. After that making revisions was very quick. Just change the model then re-export the new drawings. Saved us a lot of time compared to having to edit every single drawing in cad. Then once we got planning permission its a simple case of turning on the construction, adding some annotation and you have drawings ready for construction.

I agree that its fucking boring, but its great for quickly smashing out projects.
I've used it for a year at the tech school I went to an I personally enjoyed working in it. Hell even got certified in Revit, AutoCad, and Inventor.
I wanna drink that

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