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File: Shitty ass barrel.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1355)
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Alright /3/, I've seriously been trying to get into 3d modeling recently. I'm using Blender, obviously so if any of you have any tips/advice it would be greatly welcomed.
advice on the barrel or on 3D in general?

your texture dosen't sit well. the seams of the barrel shouldn't have the same grain pattern
your scene is boring, make it more presentable
your metal circle is not metal. and its flat shaded
material is just diffuse slapped on the barrel, learn how to use cycles
Sorry I should've made that clear. I'm asking for advice in general. Thanks though for the criticism on the barrel render.
looks like you want to make assets.
is it game assets or just good looking 3D stuff in general?
if you want to go for aesthetics is suggest you learn cycles, download a pbr shader too - its free.
if its for games don't bother with cycles. just get better at modeling and pickup something like substance painter.
i however do suggest to learn cycles just to understand what goes into shaders and how to light up your scene

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