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Came here to ask if anybody have a Yotsuba model and it's right there in the sticky. But just the image, not the model.

Anyone have the Yotsuba model?
its listed here:

but they need you to sign up with your facebook/google account and those greedy bastards want my phone number so screw that.

anyone happen to have a pinterest account by any chance?
it's just the image... holy shit i spent forever finding some trash google account to sign in with and then it's just a god damn image and not the actual model

strange that it's so difficult to find a yotsuba model
I'm looking hard, and that looks like a Metaseqoia render, which basically means this file is on some otaku's HDD in Tokyo and you will never find it unless you learn moonrunes and ask around BowlRoll for a few years.

Appreciate it mate!

Though since 4chan is such a big phenomenon I know there are many people who have made models of Yotsuba. It's not only logical, I've seen them on for example Deviantart.

However once again only images and not the actual model file, I'm really hoping someone at some time shared his model on the Internet. I mean Yotsuba is such a big thing it's bound to be out there somewhere, right?
btw i took your hint at bowlroll but it's hard to find anything on that site.

i almost got a download here:


ironically the download URL has 404d
so frustrating... this URL is the closest i've come


which again links to


server not found... internet is so fickle

every source i find just loop back to the dead bytatsu.net server. do japanese people not mirror anything?

i thought i had found one link but it turned out to be yet another one of that damn cardboard robot. sure Danbo is funny but i dont get why its more common than the Yotsuba model herself
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I'm now deep, DEEP, into the Japanese pre-2015 web.


I've searched through countless pages filled with nothing but Japanese characters. No images. I don't know how Japs can stand the online world. I've seen countless MMD videos. Everybody just keeps linking back to the dead bytatsu.net server.

Nobody in Japan seems interested in preserving anything online and they all dance happily around the single point of failure wearing miku wigs. Not sure if I will survive the night.
what do you need it for anyways...?
modeling it from scratch with zbrush shouldn't take longer than a day or two with textures for the cartoonish render there's the c4d cel shader filter.
i could maybe model a cube myself if someone held a gun to my head. modelling isn't anything i can do from scratch

i plan to make some kind of relaxing scene with yotsuba in it, probably looking out over a landscape. then ill loop it, add looping music and make a swf out of it (i'm from /f/, we still make flash loops over there).

it's basically a way for me to practice putting together a decent looking scene using premade assets and fiddling with lightning effects. i thought that while im at it i could make something for oldfags by including yotsuba-chan

right now im trying to look through google's results for
モデル配布 小岩井よつば
モデル配布 よつば
but still only dead links, most leading to bytatsu.net
guy that made the yotsuba model: なめこ汁 さん
his twitter: https://twitter.com/nameko_numeri
his pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=1318429
he kinda just went offline in 2012 and was never seen again
Fuck Yotsuba

Fucking whore.
Why would you need a specific model so badly? You could easily make a significantly better variant yourself given today's tools.
aahh, a /f/riend here :^)

This is what I meant by never finding it without skill in japanoodle.

I have no clue whatever happened to bytatsu.net... it was one of the largest sites on the internet - Google rank 0 in 2015, apparently
I'm sure it's somewhere searchable, OI see tracks of it everywhere. You just need nihongo and expert search skillz.

File: an_hiro.png (55 KB, 735x539)
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the info panel says that admin is managing teh file because it's not an original upload or some crap, but just enter "yotuba" (NO 'S'!) in the key slot above the download button, and CLICK

It's in PMD format of course, for MMD, and being so old, suffers from unicode munge (which can be fixed if you care to have proper folder/file names, or just rename them to something.)

Enjoy, /f/am, I'll be in /f/ waiting to see what you make.
What the fuck, just make one. It shouldn't take you more than 1 day.
File: yotsuba3.jpg (2.3 MB, 1379x1321)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Many thanks man! I just got the exact same file myself and came here to report where I found it. Actually tried that bowlroll page before but entered "yotsuba" as the password... Man.

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