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>be me
>land a job doing simulations and stuf
>computer they put me on at work is from 2009
>1000 particle simulation with no materials textures lighting anything takes 10 min to render on gpu
>look through desk drawer
>find a fucking quadro m6000 just sitting there
>ask why arent they using it
>give some bs excuse and tell me to get back to work

finish a year or two at the company, add it to your resume then find a better job now that you can check the 'experience' meme box in the brain of every human resources person to ever exist
do you still use one computer for full size simulations?
Of course not

Ive asked to work on more comps that I know they have available but refuse to let me work on them.

At least i can do this on the comps i have at home
The job you're doing isn't a job at all. Your parents pay your wage and the wage of the people who fool you into thinking you actually have a job.
You've got to ditch the autism if you want to get ahead, Anon.

Next time you notice something like that, you need to take initiative yourself and fix it. Don't ask others, they're idiots. If that GPU helps you get work done faster, use it and then show your boss how you've managed to complete work early through personal effort. Don't tell anybody about the GPU, say it was your own effort. If they want to move you or ask about the card, it'd probably be best to take it back out.

What what in the butt
Yeah don't let the Man tell you you can't use a GPU. Open up his computer without permission and fuck around with it. You'll go far.
This is sort of offtopic but I desperately need your help

I'm sure some of you are freelancers and make a living out of it.

I need to provide proof to P-Pal that I'm a 3d modeler. I am not! I said that I do building plans, objects for second llife, toys and other stuff for 3d printing

Would anyone be kind enough to help? I need a screenshot with your inbox(gmail) that it is filled(hopefully) with emails from your clients. You can blur them a bit, I will have to replace the emails, names and such...

Jesus, I feel like I'm trying to pull a Jimmy (Better Call Saul)
File: do-not.jpg (148 KB, 471x440)
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148 KB JPG
pen pal? what is this, 7th grade?
>lied, pls help prove lie
no, you fuck. pic related is now your relationship with this person
>Jimmy (Better Call Saul)
cringeicus maximus
why would you put yourself in such predicament?

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