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I've got this small filter ball that I need multiple instances to fill this empty filter box.

I'm wondering if there's a better way to do this that doesn't involve me duplicating an instance of the ball and manually place dozens of filter balls in a convincing manner.
This will be useful in the future for the rest of my model

My GoogleFu was not good enough to find an answer.
Yeah, you just need to apply a tiny bit of MassFX.
It's really not hard. Here's the outline, you're gonna have to fill in the blanks yourself.

1: set up container as 'static rigid body' make sure mesh type is set to concave.

2. Set ball object as 'dynamic rigid body'. Instance the ball as many times as you want once you've done this. Just gave them instanced, floating in air above the container.

3. In your MassFX toolbar hit 'play simulation without animation.'

4. Stand back in wonder as the balls fall down into the container and fill the space realistically.

5. Capture transforms. Select all, convert to edit poly.

6. Profit.
Haven't watched the video - but I'm guessing this will cover your needs:

Sorry for the late response. Thanks for this.
I had heard this method before, though figured there'd be an easier way than that but this is a way nonetheless.
i'll give it a go. thanks senpai.
So I set the ball to be Dynamic Rigid, and set the box to be Static Rigid and - as you have said - set the mesh type to be concave.
upon playing without animation, the balls fall through the object and ignore the box completely.

I made a primitive just in-case to try this out for certain and got the same results.
for reference on the ball, the ball mesh is set to convex.

Box collision mesh needs tweaking

When you set the box mesh to concave, you need to regenerate the collision mesh. There's a button that just says 'regenerate' or something. Hit that, and give it another go.
File: Example.jpg (386 KB, 2180x1238)
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386 KB JPG
Did That. Didn't seem to do anything different.

I'm using 2016 if that helps.
Are the normals of the box facing outwards? it seems to be modeled as a "solid" box, whereas it needs to have empty space inside, like with a shell modifier.
I figured.
I did make a shelled out version as well but it wasn't an entirely closed shape.
Would explain why when physics did happen, they would effect the outside boundries,

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