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When modeling a female figure, like from a model sheet, do you model the basic torso outline first, then extrude the breasts, or do you solidify the torso first, (other limbs maybe) and then do boobs?

Same applies to any details on armor or miscellaneous bits - do you just create your base model first, then add on extra detail (by extrusion or a different model applied after creation), or do you just work it as you go?
I can't model female figures because halfway through I start masturbating and then I lose interest.

Torso first, then boobs. I tend to model them seperately before attaching them instead of extruding. It gives me better control over the shape.


Then maybe you might want to invest in a 3D printer...
That makes sense. So far I'm more trying to get a sense of how to go about it, but so far, box modeling is proving challenging, especially in creating organic shapes.

Still in the learning phase tho.
Why don't you use Zbrush or some other sculpting tool instead of box modeling?
yeah. I agree with you, but not everyone can sculpt. it,s also a skill. most people suck at it. I knew how to draw before started zbrush, but I'm sure it would take like 10 x times more to learn sculpting, without it looking loke shit
Low poly.
Modern GPU is shit.
Because I'm not concerned with making a photorealistic character just yet - in time I will, but right now I just want something I can throw a rig into and then stuff into Unity.

But as far as what I'd like to do in the future, yeah, I'll definitely learn blender soon. Not a huge fan of the interface, but its just another tool to learn.
where the fuck did you get that Zbrush is only used for photorealistic stuff? lol
also. yeah lean blender
where the fuck did I say that people only use zbrush for photorealistic stuff? I dont want to use zbrush because the interface is shit and I'm still learning basics of modeling, but I will in time because its another tool to learn.
File: Requiem844261302.png (415 KB, 557x625)
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Same problem here. I want to model low poly girls but I'm a retard and can't figure out the topology or the workflow. My goal is to make stuff like pic related or the commandos from Red Alert 3.
Anybody have any tutorials or advice?
1. Download daz or other female base
2. Make your dream waifu in daz or with other female base
3. Export
4. Import into 3d program of choice
5. Make a new mesh and use dreamwaifu model as proportion guide for it
6. Your own custom mesh now has dreamwaifu proportions but its own topology
7. ???
8. Profit
I model the breasts as I model the torso but I have co-workers who do the torso first then attach boobs that have been modelled separatedly
Guys, what is the best way to start learning character modeling?

Yeah yeah, "first learn anatomy and how to draw". I could do it in parallel, but I just want to try something in that area a bit. I heard this course is good, but is it suitable for beginners?


Also, should I watch tutorials where they do it all in zbrush, or should I make faces with polygons first? Afaik, it is better to start with one part of body, so I'd like to start with heads if I have to.
>tfw I get a boner when looking at this image
Reminds me of Taylor Swift in every way. Oh boy, I should get into character stuff.
just... just learn how to use softwares to make characters. then you'll be able to start learning character design.
if you'll commit to it, in 2 months you'll be able to start.
I find the most erotic part of a woman is the boobies
This looks pretty based, I'd love to try doing something stylized and disney-ish, BUT - I've heard that it is bad to start with stylized art, because you really need to have a proper background in realistic sculpting/drawing before diving into it. What do you guys think about that? Would I learn some bad habits?
sculpting a realistic human is far more difficult technically. but sculpting a stylized character is easier technically and harder in a a sense that you need to exaggerate the right forms and get to know how stylized anatomy works.
you can start drawing stylized characters and get good with stylized anatomy. one does not necessarily negate the other
besides, you model human characters in the same way you model stylized characters. so you don't really miss any important tools or knowledge
this dude started with Stylized and never does realistics so ))
his tutorials are very very good and I'd reccomend, but IMHO it's not for absolute begginers.
depending how "realistic" you are doing. anything Hossain Diba does is kinda unimaginable and very daunting, carving all this details. not many can do his level of realisticness.
but when doing stylized, you need taste. because it's really really easy for stylized characters to look like shit. you can work on teqnique but it'll look like shit and unappealing..
but IMHO realistic/stylized equally hard.
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>what'd you say?

File: 1492038373916.png (1.12 MB, 1280x1532)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
what I did for this https://sketchfab.com/models/7f58ab36c7914e828cecb429cfba5e9f was just use the ref image and extrude a box until it matched all the curves, googled some topology stuff for the hands and bingo bango bongo low poly female model.
Basic human proportion:
The torso is 2x head AND neck.
Torso: top half for ribcage, spine/middle is 1 qrt and the hips the last qrt (belly button sits at the mid point bottom mid/top hips).
Arms: the elbow reaches to the hip so the upper arm should = 3 qrts of the torso. the forearm is the same length, and the HANDS are half the length of the forearm.
Hands: just look at your own! for ref- base everything on the middle finger as male/female ring/index finger will vary. If palm is a square, your should observe that half the first finger bone takes up 1/3 of the palm. The ist finger bone is 2x the length of the last 2 bones. The thumb is the same length as the middle finger and its tip reaches only half up the first index bone (to the webs of the fingers.) blar blar blar..
Legs: Thigh bone is equal in length to the torso.
The shin bone INCLUDING THE FOOT is equal in length to the thigh bone.
Over all the armspan is equal to total height.
Everything else is just tweaking- boob/butt size, waist, muscles and fat (men mainly tummy, women mainly hips).
actually not really a big fan of this guys tutorials, he's really slow (don't know if that's on purpose or not) and his methods seem archaic, he mesh models inside zbrush for some reason

Dylan Ekren started what seems like a video series but then abandoned it, shame
>I've heard that it is bad to start with stylized art, because you really need to have a proper background in realistic sculpting/drawing before diving into it.
This is very very true of 2D drawing, because you end up failing to learn things like perspective.

It's less true of 3D since a lot of those fundamentals are taken care of for you, though it's still worth understanding how things really work before making simplifications.

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