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File: testtex3-2.jpg (112 KB, 512x512)
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I have a custom texture format from a game and I copied the texture data using a hex editor into a .dd2 file, however it seems to repeat into lower resolution and be off-center.
Any idea what the problem might be?
I'm not too savvy with how texture file formats work.
I don't know why I said dd2, but I meant dds.
>and I copied the texture data using a hex editor
why would you do that? you messed up who knows what values, hence the repetition.

extract original from the game, copy new over the original, place it back.
As an update, yes I was just being an idiot.
problem is the texture was in a custom format but I found a tool to extract them
My goal is to export to blender/3dsmax. not edit and replace in game.
I feel like I've seen this exact texture before.
What character is this, OP?
That's mipmapping, not a problem. Basically LODs for textures in games. I think skyrim uses .dd2 files or something, so check out some tutorials on them to understand why that format does or which program formats it that way into .dd2 and how to reformat into another file.
File: 1496151325335.png (55 KB, 565x530)
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it's not that old, I doubt you've seen it
it's not, just some error in the texture data when interpreted as a dds
Mipmaps for DDS files occasionally are stored in a single file, but this doesn`t look like mipmapping.
The other textures are way too small.

Also, just say what game or character it is already. Even if I haven't seen it yet, I might be able to help.
File: 1496151325337.png (355 KB, 666x576)
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>Also, just say what game or character it is already.
TWD Clem.
Haven't had much time with the models but I'm getting there.

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