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i am working on a voxel game engine. so far it works well. it is not traditional 3d, but the 2d sprites used are first modeled in 3d space, and then cut into "slabs". the z axis is artificial, and height of a "slab" is seen by adjusting it's y position. it is a neat way to do things, and i like the result, but creating the assets is difficult. is this procedure just stupid and wasteful all around? i am wondering if the novelty is not worth it, and i should work in actual 3d space.

if you post your low to mid resolution (<128 units squared) voxel graphics, i will love to test them in my engine. or anyone with experience, I would really appreciate any advise.

the pic is the engine. the player and npc graphics are just place holders, and not original.

this game is my inspiration, but it uses many pure 2d sprites drawing, and I am trying for entirely "3d". it is still really interesting, visually.

File: edit.gif (91 KB, 600x600)
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image comparing layout/positions vs what is actually drawn/seen in game. shadows, simple distance based lighting, foilage, variation, more texture, etc. makes it look nicer, I think.
stop working on game demos, you stupid loser, make a game. fucking losers and their "tech" demos are disgusting. make a fucking game.
I think you can make some kind of cool action game where everything is destructible kind of like how Voxelstein lets you destroy absolutely everything.
File: ss.png (158 KB, 600x300)
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that is the idea, after every graphic draws pretty, and i have made enough assets. i understand the frustration with indie developers, but it is a learning experience for me. this is much more complex, the graphics, than i am used to working with, so it needs to be optimized and perfected. in the mean time, it is fun for me to experiment with various methods. it is just a hobby, so i make additions whenever i have time.

i definitely would like to make an adventure game. ideally with networking, like a diablo style game with retro aesthetic, but i have no experience with networking, and i don't want to be too ambitious. so that is a new project for me after the visual aspect.

the main challenge i face right now is to do with producing assets that draw well. some shapes are better suited than others. as you can see, i am having trouble with trees... i am moving to a new process to convert .obj files to sprite sheets, so that should mean less "noisy" texture, and more intentional, "painted" texture, with shading.
Nice. Did you try MagicaVoxel?
File: waterscreenshot.png (192 KB, 600x300)
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192 KB PNG
yes, actually, this is the voxel software i settled on after trying just about all of them. i did larger graphics like tree in blender and then converted to appropriate images, but the graphics made with the voxel software look much better, i think.
Don't listen to that >>567063 shithead, OP. That's a great work you're doing there. It may not amount to some industry standard engine but hey, what's the point in doing everything with a goal in mind? Some times the very best is to do things for fun! And learning.
Fuck you, what's the point of making another game demo? Do you know how big of a difference is to make a game demo and an actual game? Loser.
I have lots of experience from game Dev, creating a game isn't hard anyone can do it. Musik and Level design or new innovative ideas? That is where the real story begins
The feeling in the youtube video is great; I'd play it. As the other anon said, it's the innovative ideas that make the change. Make something different. Not just another platform game. I also really liked the music. Even the font of the name added to the whole aesthetic. Keep it up. Just make it something that someone else want to play it. Put a little of yourself into it, so that someone else will feel like getting to know a new person while playing it.
File: nium_game2.gif (1.4 MB, 639x350)
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1.4 MB GIF
I've seen Nium before and it looks fucking great. Awesome to see someone is working on a similar style. Keep up the good work!
I could have sworn I was back on /agdg/ for a second.
Mostly talking about >>567063 >>567414 this guy.
If he's doing cool 3D stuff then I don't see why he can't post here. Tech demos and the like are exactly the kind of stuff that belongs on /3/.
Might be easier using a 3d engine with orthogonal projection

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