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File: mud.png (213 KB, 1920x1025)
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>Mudbox cannot into trim/hard sur-
Μan was I glad to figure out custom sculpt brushes.
That looks like nothing fucking special at all, congrats OP
>has the basic feature of any software with sculpting capabilities from 10 years ago
Yes, I-i'd like to report bullying ;_;
>Tfw no dinamesh or alternative
>Retopo takes centuries

Mudbox is just terrible. If the scene gets even remotely big, it'll choke your RAM to death and it requires a GPU on top of that. Isolating specific parts of a model to work on them is fairly non-intuitive, the camera doesn't seem to have a proper focus function so it's a hassle to use, batch extracting maps from multiple meshes is a confusing process...

As far as subdividing one or two assets at a time and working on just those per file, it gets the job done, I guess.
Retopo in Zbrush takes centuries and it's a pain in the ass

If you're talking about Zremesher, that never gives good a game resolution mesh, maybe for movies.
You call that fucking hard surface? That's just you taking a flat and brush and slamming it against a pre-made mesh. Learn what hard surface is before you start posting on my /3/ again.

Oh and tell your teacher that you you need to learn zbrush or you'll ask for your money back. The get laughed out of that for profit college scamming you and forcing you to learn the most useless Autodesk product because they have a deal with autodesk to force dumb shitters like you to use gay shit like cuckbox before they kick you onto the curb with experience equivalent to a 40 yo hobbiest who is 10 years behind the industry.

You fucking cuck

You don't belong here. Get out.
Op here. I had problems with Mudbox, the amount of features is a bit dim. But its a hella 3d painter and Zbrush is hella expensive, and I dont think i need such a powerful sculpter as Zbrush yet, so theres that.
Who hurt you? I teach myself and learn as I go. Start believing in me.
File: mudcrab.png (230 KB, 1920x982)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
Also, cleaner/sharper custom brush.
If you're just a hobbyist who's concerned about being legit feel free to do what you want. If you're planning to go in the industry I would heavily recommend torrenting zbrush.
This is hideous.
>This is hideous.
i think planar brushes are pretty standard in every sculpting program

the question is. can you model with polygons?

You're doing that Game environment tutorial on Pluralsight aren't you?
Yeah - the lecturer has some retarded fucking working habits. Just a heads-up.
You can add new shapes onto your model, just like in zbrush, nd sculpt them eyc. I dont think, you cant create new polygons from scratch or withing your existing model.
Its 'stylazed dungeon' from 3dmotive. Tutorial is quite messy, but im going to get to the baking part soon, and i think itd be very insightful for me.

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