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Has anyone else seen this yet? Just found out about it the other day. This is something I have been needing for years.
You can pay $49 a month for the personal version or $99 a month for the indie. You can get a permanent license for $199 for the personal version or $399 for the indie.

Here is the site. They also have a free trial too

Haven't tried it yet but if anyone has please let us know how it is.
A shill who hasn't even tried the snake oil he's trying to sell? SHIIIIIET
Creepiest thing I've ever seen in years
Only difference being, this looks like ass. Not that faceshift looks all that good, but it manages to look better than this using only a Kinect for 360.
At least you can buy this. Good luck finding a way to get a legit license of Faceshift or even a cracked version of the last version they released before the buy out. It was Apple who bought the btw and what did they do with the technology? No idea.

And this is way more affordable. The animation will improve I'm sure because Faceshift looked just like this even on the version before the last one.
>"At least you can buy this"
No, we're not interested. Fuck off.

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