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What is your rendering CPU preference and why?
I'd really like to get Ryzen TR once it's out. The level of scalability it has is just too good to pass up, it's the kind of shit you used to had to spend upwards of $10,000 on a workstation to get.
Whatever's better at the current time? I got an Intel currently because i bought the CPU in 2014. If i were getting one now i'd go for AMD

I am using an i7-7700k / 32GB / 8GB p4000 quadro / 2TB SSD.

I previously used an i7-6700 none k / 16GB / RX 470 4GB / 1 TB SSD

Both Windows 10 pro.

I saw very little improvement from the intel i7-6700 to 7700k.

I'm waiting for that new dell all in one that comes with a Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3ghz max 3.7GHz with 32GB DDR 4 / RX 580 to come.

Gonna update to windows 10 pro ( As I hate homes limitations. )

Basically. I don't know if I can trust Ryzen for work, I will find out.

As for all-in-one. For the first time ( outside of overpriced pos like origic pc omen all-in-one [ which is not a true all-in-one ] ) No one has made a quality high end all-in-one till now.

And the way I figured. Its finally overkill for all my needs except for 3D modeling work.

I just hope the Ryzen 7 1700 and RX 580 actually deliver in 3D programs and some heavy gaming I do on my current pcs. When not doing 3D stuff.

Can update how it works on 3D, as I post here sometimes.
I have a 6700k,32gb ram, 4 1070's right now but I'm looking into an AMD based workstation. Sucks that all the NPRs I'm using now are cpu based. lol
>not using a renderfarm
nigga I model in wireframe previews on a shitbox and render on a supercomputer
Okay then, Oliver Warbucks.
and you could've bought 2011 even X79 chipset
with 200-300 $ xeon and it would've been better than your setup...
you upgraded from 4 core to 4 core

BTW I'm running old 2011,with 3930k, 16 gb ram. gtx 970 and it's kinda decent, it really fulfills my needs... I can upgrade cpu very cheaply on amazon if I want.

I already have a dual xeon workstation but I was pointing out none workstation hardware as odds are OP and 99% of all people on this board will not spend the 7+ grand on a workstation like I can.
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I'm getting one of these motherfuckers the moment it comes out.

Flame harder, faggots.
Well good for you. Now get on the waiting list faggot.
Apple aesthetics are getting too hipster. Going back to that rounded back shape, + an Ikea stand. Looks fucking gay.

>>>getting too hipster

'Getting' too hipster? What, like Apple has been a puritanical bastion of soviet-style functionality-over-form up to now?
AMD is so cheap but the GPU processing doesn't work with Adobe or Blender.
>puritanical bastion of soviet-style functionality-over-form
lol I always wondered what the opposite of 'hipster' was. now I think I now.
i can do GPU rendering with AMD but its so unreliable that it won't work with a big scene, it will almost always crash

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