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Say that I took up a very, very lucrative Freelancer.com project (contest format, if I can beat a couple pajeets I win) which requires me to use Revit, and I used Blender instead because Autodesk software is shit and according to the user agreement it installs spyware.

Would I be in trouble?
The person holding the contest would not know I hadn't used Revit until after I submitted the results.

Nobody would notice but you'd get beaten by the pajeets.
You're so funny.
>Blender in place of Revit
You realize what Revit is, right? You're going to lose at whatever it is.
Also I lied, they'll know straight away. Blender and Revit is apples to oranges and you'd know it if you could get Daddy Stallman's balls off your face for long enough to actually learn anything about the field you're claiming to be a part of.
That was a different person, but consider this; I'm unlikely to be beaten by pajeets who probably don't even half half the 3D experience I do, and probably none of the entries will have used Rivit.

My point is, I'll probably win, I'm just wondering though if the client can screw me over somehow.
If you know about it, someone able to use Revit probably knows about it. Unless all they're asking for is a render, they're going to know it's not Revit. The client can screw you over - especially if they're specifically asking for Revit, because they'll likely want to see you use features from Revit that you can't replicate in Blender. Unless, alongside being an apparent 3D modeling expert that doesn't understand what Revit is, you're also a programming expert and implement BIM into Blender.
Have you ever used Freelancer before?
Here's a scenario that often happens on the site:
>someone posts a project in contest format, meaning anyone can make submissions but only one person will get paid and have their submission accepted
>they set it to "guaranteed" so there is a guarantee that someone will get paid even if all submissions are bad, and make the project unrealistic or require unusual skills
>basically no one notices the project
>the one person who displays even the slightest semblance of competence gets whole lot of money

However, what I don't want to happen is this scenario:
>I have the best looking submission, but the Indian architect and the Indonesian PHP programmer used Rivit
>I win because my submission looks the best, now have to send out files
>client lashes out at me because I didn't use Rivit but stole the win
well i get it. but this type of contest seem weird.

i mean do people at freelancer even have portfolios? or its just reviews and testimonies
Yes, but the great thing about contests is that you don't have to be picked to be able to submit, so even if you haven't built up any of those things you can get work.
I don't know the outline of the "contest" because you've neglected to mention it, but all three of those outcomes sound very likely in this scenario, especially since Revit is mostly used to make architectural planning data that Blender can't make at all.
>someone posts a project in contest format, meaning anyone can make submissions but only one person will get paid

Absolute fucking cancer. You'd have to have zero self respect to use websites like this. It's just a bunch of useless shitters stealing other peoples ideas and flooding the market with so much trash that anything decent goes unseen.
This, I tried it a couple of times for some graphic design, it was more for me to practice a bit. I have never felt more pathetic in my entire life.

From the absolute trash indian designs that get better ratings than some (rare) good creations, to stealing from other designers since usually you can see what others have created. Not to mention stupidly low payments. God, I got depressed just thinking about it.
please look at my post >>566528

and don't do graphic design, the competition will give you cancer
Graphic design will give you cancer, interacting with people who fancy themselves as graphic designers will give you cancer unless they're max level experts.
your OP picture is really faggy
whoops i meant to post in the work in progress thread!
I've never used this website but what stops someone from saying "No none of you win" and then they just steal all of the submissions?
>He thinks he can produce construction documentation using blender


You literally have no idea what you are doing.

Protip: revit isn't for meme renders. Autodesk have 3ds for that.

Revit is for coordinating multidisciplinary construction projects.


OP, you already lost. I hope you like curry.
>Faggy ass picture
Nah I don't feel like telling you anything

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