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are there any patrician comics using 3d only?
So what happened to that Kickstarter anyway? Did it get funded? The Goon looks cool as hell!

And yeah, I would love to use 3D to make comics but most systems like clothing, hair, physics would have to be mostly automatic or it's just plain easier to just drawn what you need.
>So what happened to that Kickstarter anyway? Did it get funded?
Fincher was begging for enough money to pay 2 actors to read their lines for a rough cut. He's one of the biggest overspenders in Hollywood, destroyed Orion Studios because he insisted on name casting a project that didn't break even until DVD releases years later, and thinks the sun shines out his asshole.

He also made a trailer that still looks like it's for a video game not a movie (and I'd play the fuck out of that game).

3D in comics is shame on par with Greg Land tracing porn. The artists who do it aren't modelers, they're Poser/DS faggots trying to do multiple books for more cash.

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