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does anyone here have commission anxiety?
I am happy with getting commissions for certain things but i always have this fear in the back of my head that tells me i can potentially fuck up.
for me fucking up means small things that are not important for the client. but im still afraid the client will get red hot angry with me and go ballistic.
i know this fear is unjustified, fear of under-performance even in ideal setting. anyone else have it?
Shouldn't be a problem if yr price is right. Commisioners know that they get what they pay for. Just. Dont overcharge them for work that can be of better quality and they won't ass fuck you.
I have a studio job and I still have the fear of being so shit my boss will fire me. It doesn't really go away.
Sounds like Imposter Syndrome, you'll be fine bro.
I set my own standards way too high and can't accept that people won't see every little mistake or lack of vision realised that i see, so when i force myself to sacrifice quality for time or quantity it causes anxiety. Just remember that your clients don't know shit. Try to establish up front what they should expect given the time they need it by and how much they're willing to pay. And always set a timer when you work on a job. make sure you aren't fucking around with insignificant details on the clock.
I worked on fiverr for a bit and had that issue. I became more confident after I finished some tricky projects. Just think back to what you've accomplished when you're not sure about your abilities
Actually that's a quality every boss wants in a worker, that means you care about the work you do, whatever your reasons are. But it's pretty normal, every job where you're not a drone, you have responsibilities and a fuck up can cost the company money, etc is a high rewarded job, it's normal to be afraid to fuck up.
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Impostor syndrome.

It is cured by being on the other side of the exchange. Have you ever bought a commission yourself OP?
Do it. Buy a commission from someone at your skill level or lower. Then you will understand the real value of your work. How you can get paid even if you get paid even if you're not making the greatest job ever.

Even Chefs eat at McDonalds once in a while, right? They know exactly what they are paying for. You should find out exactly how much your work is worth. You can't ask people that. You have to experience the market.

It's like sex. When a girl fucks someone with a strapon or a guy gives a blowjob, they finally understand how much does it takes to do it for the partner. Then the exchange becomes easier.
>It's like sex. When a girl fucks someone with a strapon or a guy gives a blowjob
go back 2 your containment board
Fuck off, that was a great analogy. There's no manual for it, exp is the key to understanding and overcoming.
I'm not in this market, but it's the same everywhere. I was in the electronics R&D field, and had no formal education. I always felt I bullshited my way into each position despite my exp and knowledge, and then suffered this. It took a while to get used to the fact that I could readily deliver what was expected despite my inferiority complex.

JUST DO IT and be happy, your work will show show it.
Not him but it was a subpar analogy. However you make a very good argument and point just above it.

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