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SW&PV360. Would exporting to sth with v-ray make a huge improvement? More here:


Also critique is highly welcomed, don't know if I should pursue 3d direction...
First of all, this isn't twitter so please write full and complete sentences you fucking newfag piece of shit.
Second, it's a retarded gun but Fallout (and indeed the real world) is full of retarded guns. Whether you did a good job in terms of being on-model (making it look like the source material) I have no idea but probably.
You could improve the design from the original for functionality purposes, but you'd need to be a hardcore gunfag for that and that'd be a bit of a different kind of exercise.
As for what renderer to use, that doesn't really matter at all only your skill with that renderer matters. Some rendering engines are easier to use by virtue of having more default settings (aka "it just werks") and default materials or a large library of good looking materials "out of the box".
What your model lacks is detail. Wear and tear, scratches, a nicer HDRI and general lighting setup would help, also maybe a little composition (the composition isn't bad but it's simple to the point of being basic).

Right now your gun looks like it's made from aluminum or sheet metal or something (as opposed to gun metal), it looks very much like mounting brackets for an IKEA shelf or something like that. The shotgun fore-end looks really bad, there's not much detail and what detail is there in the wood grain is washed out entirely by reflections. It doesn't look like you used Normal mapping at all (or micro-displacements or any other tricks of that nature).
I assume the holes all over the barrel are where you haven't added screws or pins or whatever? If that's just a detail in the original then it doesn't look too good, like it's not visually interesting detail but if that's what's in the source material then you're stuck but you can still add wear and tear.

Third, as for whether or not you should "pursue 3d direction", no I think you should kill yourself for not posting in the WIP thread.
Thanks, appreciate your feedback. I'll just smash my head on the table than.

Wear&tear is something which is not that easy to accomplish in PhotoView. I will have to export to v-ray then.
The model seems okay, your materials and lighting are abysmal.

Switching to a better renderer would help a ton, but keep in mind you also need a good IBL, lighting setup, and know how to set up your materials in a way that isn't crappy.

Judging by your range of values I'm guessing you're not using linear workflow as well?

Nope, I don't. I'm not even sure I fully understand half things you're talking about :/

Yeah, that was kind of a pointless post. Didn't know there's so much different stuff involved. I have to read some tutorials about it and change the renderer. Unfortunately, it's rather difficult to play with stuff like v-ray on a T60 laptop :/ So I guess a new rig is a must.

Thanks again!
If you going to use vray just use the vray help pages, there are really well made with photos and words describing almost every setting you can change. For things like IBL just Google it.

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