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When I first used it I thought this was awesome, now I can't stand sitting there converting tons of textures.

Someone please tell me there is a way to run this or its code on batches of files. I tend to write my own shaders so I often find myself just converting shit with CrazyBump because I simply want extra detail data to work with without much regard for the settings so it becomes a somewhat mindless process.

Or is there a code base or something which has the kinds of image processing CB does, or stretching even further CB's source code(or functions likely used in it)? It seems like instead of actually using CB it should just be possible to write a shader that takes the maps and does the same thing CB does(although it would probably be inefficient it'd be better than converting tons of textures if you have plenty of cpu/gpu resource leeway).

If there's no way to do this using CB, is there any kind of tool available to generate things like normal maps in batches from diffuse data? I know they're generally not that high quality but I'm often not that concerned about it since I can just not use the things that don't work out well and take what does.
you are asking alot
but either way you can do it in xnormal, which is free.
or you can make custom shaders based on you need like so.
Yeah, I know, but I tend to work with lots of other people's models, often just for fun, and it's just not feasible time-wise to make textures for everything one-by-one. It's certainly asking a lot but I'm willing to code stuff myself if there's existing open knowledge on the subject.

To which point, thanks for the link, from the URL it sounds like it's in the direction of what I need.
actually you know what, i know that blender is open source and it can convert greyscale maps to normal. but i don't think its the same thing. if you take 4 colors and convert them to other 4 colors its not exactly a "smart converstion"
anyway, xnormal allows you to make several maps in advance so you don't have to click save all the time like crazy map.
if you are familiar with gimp there is a an addon called insane bump which i hear is good. and GIMP is open source too so it might be your chance to dig in. (its not 3D based converter but its a converter none the less)

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