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Are there any freelance work sites that can't be described by this greentext?
>your competition for any job posted by a competent employer is 50 Indians or Muslims, all with fully fleshed out profiles and "a thousand years experience"
>jobs which don't have much competition are ones which expect good work for little/unguaranteed pay, or for you to somehow perform miracles such as "cleaning up this 3D model" (pic related)

Discounting Upwork, which charges you to apply for work.
places like upwork are not good because you are literally no visibility unless you pay for premium account ( i think)
but there is another strategy that works for me.
if you make sweet game models then target indie game forum
if you good with organics try to make lewds, just go around hentai/fetishi websites and do a little scouting.
if you are really good with renders then i say its your best way to get a 9-5 job since the archviz market is the only one where you have jobs locally
i really want to make lewds and porn for a living but i live in a very conservative house. I have a full time non 3d job and amnt neet, but the cost of living is too high in this area. Wat do?
>good with organics
I get overly picky about my topology.
Like, I can't even decide how to connect a leg to the torso, because I hate how the edge loops turn out.
san francisco?
You really need to overcome this if you want to be paid. Don't expect to make money if this still is a problem for you.
you don't have to connect anything when sculpting. usually the initial character blockout is done in 1 take. look into things like dynamesh
that's a bit of a problem, but you are a grown man

How does this work?

Item 7 in the description clearly contradicts all the other statements of how much time and money is involved.
its still a very bad situation.
as an artist looking for work you want to knock off as much competition possible.
don't hang in places that have a 1000 artists, think outside the box

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