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I'm new to this and don't know anything about of this stuff so please pardon my mistakes.

CGI recently caught my eye and was considering a course in it.
The work done in movies like avengers really intrigued me and i wanted to know what the people behind avengers did, how did they do it and where do i start?
Also, is it a good profession to pursue.

(also pardon me for the grammatical mistakes)
> is it a good profession to pursue.
no, only if you are passionate about it
>low wages
>no jobs
also gtfo
couldn't hurt to at least try a course and see if you like it.

>where do i start?
read the sticky.

>is it a good profession to pursue.
there are a lot of talented people that can't get jobs. outsourcing is a big problem, and it's also a very small industry.
you need to be very lucky and have a lot of connections.

see if you like doing it first, and then figure out exactly how much you like it.
if you couldn't see yourself doing anything else in life then go for it, but otherwise go get a STEM major instead and do 3d as a hobby.
>yet another generic "just get a STEM degree" comment
>low wages.

You must be terrible at what you do or not a professional.
depends on your location.
freelance is not enough money to live off no matter how good you are (unless studious contract you specifically to sculpt characters because you have magnificent talent, which is rare but possible).
if your current location don't have enough jobs to begin with then you are toast, you won't get paid alot.
My entire country probably has 4-5 super small VFX studios and the same amount of small indie game studios. :) I'm not sure why am I still doing this to be honest, because I actually don't know how I could get a job here and I don't have a good plan B atm. Fuck.

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