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Real talk, how do you hype yourself up to use zbrush and its abysmal interface enough to learn it and be good at it?
80% of the work is done by 20% of the features
Progress is rewarding
Stick to tutorials, if you're getting that frustrated feeling of "I can't make the software do what I want" it's because you haven't learned enough yet
Eventually you'll git gud enough to customize the UI for your own needs
File: Zbrush_custom_interface.png (476 KB, 1920x1080)
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476 KB PNG
the interface is horrible, but you can customize
File: Zbrush interface 2.png (356 KB, 1920x1080)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
ups that's an old one
Ugh I worked with 3d artists for 10years (in concept) and had several try teach me zbrush over the years. Because it's so weird in its naming conventions and fucked up UX they all explained it differently and I'd lose interest really quick. It took me to have an accident and be out of work to finally sit and learn it for myself just googling every small problem I came across. I used sculptriss as a gateway into 3d sculpting and always reccomend that to complete begginers to get used to working in 3d space.
Ita diffrent for everyone, stick to tutorials about things that interest you. Sculpt random objects and try enthuse yourself with new challenges and that's how you end up learning the most and keeping yourself motivated to try new elements of the software. I really held myself back just sculpting people the first 5months.
>I'm too dumb to dedicate 20 hrs to learning.
>I'm too dumb to separate learning a software interface from learning a skill
I've done the intros, set it up, and been using it on and off for multiple years. I know the interface, I know how to use it, it's still so unpleasant that I can't ever see myself putting in the time required to become an expert at digital sculpting with it. In a field so full of software/workflow frustrations the design of the ZBrush interface still stands out as the fucking most annoying shit I've had to experience and any enjoyment to be had in sculpting and using a powerful set of tools is demolished the moment my camera gets sent to africa because I let go of alt a split second too early or I lose the angle I had on my sculpt because I started a stroke a little bit off the edge of the mesh and started rotating it instead and every time I exit the software I do so with a newfound appreciation for all my other 3D software that at least manages to not absolutely fuck up the most fundamental bits of the interface.

>Rather than improving our interface and user experience, let's just call everyone who doesn't want to put up with our bullshit "dumb".
I eat this piece of shit software in small doses. And quit when I feel frustration.
IDK man, I'm fairly new to 3d, 1,5 years since I started
whole my life worked(working) asgraphic designer/ video editing / after effects. + VJ. etc... so I basically grew up with shitton of softwares, besides 3d.

I fell in love with Zbrush since I first turned it on, like 8 months ago ar so (I know it to the point where I can judge it)..... IDK, and I really don't get why people hate it's interface. are you using in with mouse?
I rotate mesh witn RMB. BTW

I've learned maya and also many shit... but Zbrush is 10005000000 % my favorite. If it had no such a shitty logo, I'd probbably wear it's tshirty, under some other shirt.
and almost always when people omplain, they don't fuking know how it works.
custoimize slightly your UI. and fucking learn couple of shortcuts.... Learn ZMODELER. I model everything in zbrush since I learned it...
just because it's not typical maya/max UI, does not mean that it's bad. I really don't find it bad...

oh and I know that R8 is taking fucking too long. I'm waiting for it like Mo Fo, but I kinda also appreciate that they are taking time and kinda is sure that they are gonna do more than they announced on that last demo year ago.
now almost no one does that.. look at any software, they are pumping release after release, and almost nothing is new in them ...

and of course there can be improvements in zbrushes UI, I'm not saying that it's perfect
File: Capture.jpg (158 KB, 1921x1080)
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158 KB JPG
Shit son if you're too lazy to learn an interface you really shouldn't be getting into this.
Their interface is great. It's just geared towards a natural sculting flow. It's perfect if you just want to sculpt some shit. The one problem I have with it is retopoing in narrow spots can get tricky, but other than that it's great. Also, obviously you shouldn't be using it with a mouse, but why would you even do that.
Zbrush difficulty is overhyped to intimidate noob normies in order to keep them from tapping into a lucrative market.But yes, the interface is retarded. It really forces you to git good, though; so I'm thankful.
That's an interesting viewpoint.
I am all for making it harder for noobs/normies...
>learn the interface
>big surprise, it still fucking sucks

Wow thanks for the help.

>I like eating shit because all the noobs have to eat the shit too
File: 1492962054279.png (456 KB, 825x638)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
>save my project as document
>go back in again the next day
>it's in 2.5 mode
>can't go to edit mode or do anything
>check tools and my model isn't there
>just lost 2 hours of progress because zbrush didn't want to save properly oneday
fuck the faggots who thought this was a good idea.
its because you saved the document. you need to save project
thats another issue

zbrush needs to be worked heavily to get rid of all the useless fluff

look at sculptris its ui is fantastic and clear, damn pixilogic could atleast rip that from it instead of using nothing.
yeah i agree.
get rid of all the options unrelated to sculpting.
actually keep UV mapping but remove pbr/texturing and clean up the UI.
there is so much shit you can would do in max anyway
you know that there's many many people who are using that PBR "Shit"
and if used correctly it's really good?

BTW Zbrush doidbig big tutorial about PBR rendering these days,

I highly reccomend watching all playlist, there is no one on earth who is better teacher than Paul
I'm if you really want to learn Zbrushe's in's and outs
File: travolta.gif (1.63 MB, 718x416)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB GIF
I fell in love with zbrush from the moment I started using it. If you have a tablet it's as good as it gets. Nothing else can compare.
I would love to use toothbrush the texturing abilities are simply incredible it's just too expensive for an student hobbyist like me.
File: zbs2.jpg (738 KB, 2560x1600)
738 KB
738 KB JPG
comprehensive introduction to zbrush 4. watch it. anyone who bitches about the interface and doesnt bother to even change it is just looking to complain. I just put the customize interface button to part of my main interface, since its literally just dragging buttons on to whatever part of the screen you want, and taking the way as you please. Though once youre not shit at it you can just leave the interface completely disabled most of the time.
Post a link. Is it this one?


At least that's what I get both from google and yt when I search for those keywords.

In my point of view, some features really help, and a lot of stuff is here just here to imitate better modeling programs, but will never be as good as a traditionnal modeling sofware.

I personally use it for the textures generating, or just sculpting stuff as hobby (or making complex shapes that i can easily retopo in blender).
For example, i use it mainly for generating textures that perfectly fit with a model created in another software :
>I make the original object in blender, low-polyed, and well uvmapped.
>Then i import it in zb, i subdivide and resculpt all the surface, adding all the surface details.
>Then paint it, just like i want it looks. It's very usefull to make clothes folds, or any other cloth decoration.
>Once done, zbrush can generate all the normals and diffuse map for your original model, without any difficulty... And it fit perfectly.
That's all. I got a very good result, in a few time.

I don't think zb can do everything, but it's a good tool.
Actually I started with this !!
and IMHO this is amazing tutorial to start. you'll have big big understandin of all tools in zbrush
and instructor is very cool and actually explains whuch tools are main and which are not

the one thing I'll recommend is don't copy 100 % what tutorial is making, try making your own thing with explained tools
head foir example..
the second thing I'd recommend is: LEARN ZMODELER!!!!
Cool, thanks, I'll download it. I went through half of this >>566347 course, but that Gnomon one is longer, so why not both.
NP man
also if you want to learn indepth go to pixologic's youtube they have tons of usefull stuff, many shows with artists and developers.

+ these 2 playlists are literally THE best places to learn all ins and outs, both of them are Pixologic staff and both of them are also teachers. they are kinda "degenerates" )) how they interact, but in a kind way. you really won't learn anywhere better than from these 2 dudes..
1. Did you know. Paul
Ask Zbrush. Durst
So, is ZBrush worth slashing your wrists on to learn, or are there any other sculpting tools that are more sane to use? Or is there a practical reason that ZBrush seems as the ubiquitous sculpting package to learn?
jesus... It's not something special tu learn, if you can learn any other 3d/sculpting software it's the same fucking difficulty.
you need to learn how to sculpt, this is the main challenge.
yeah and it is worth, it has way more features and is way better optimised than other softwares.
also IMHO 3d coat is very good, but I have not used it for sculpting. I use it for painting, textures. I was using it also for Retopo but now maya's quad draw is the same.
Do you have a tablet and screen, or a screen in tablet setup? I'd imagine the latter would be easier. Like a Cintiq over a wacom in terms of ease of use.
>I want to drive a Koenigsegg
>lern 2 drive hors and buggy
Yeah, I use a Cintiq. I'm so used to it that I've completely forgotten how to use zbrush without it.
Where can I find SkinShade4 material? I'm pretty sure I used it yesterday, but for some reason I can't find it in my material tab anymore. Now I don't know if that was SketchShade.
Nvm, found it from nowhere, wtf.
Like, I taught myself zbrush a few years ago when I couldn't commit to or finish anything. If I could do it fucking anyone could It's not that hard of a program to learn. Just follow some tutorials. Why does everyone psyche themselves up so much when they see a non standard ui? If you don't even have the determination to make yourself learn Zbrush you should go ahead and give up because you sure as shit don't have what it takes to stick to sculpting when a project gets rough.
Can I see somewhere how much time I have spent on a project?
Yeah, it's called a "Watch".
I've learned the interface, like I've learned Blender and other "non-standard" interfaces, with the expectation that - like Blender or Modo - it would stop sucking once I knew how it worked.
But it didn't. I knew how to use it, and knowing my way around the otherwise fantastic toolset just made everything - the clutter, the awkwardness, the imprecise control - all the more fucking annoying. It's like if I had great quality paint and tools but the only easel I could use them on was a rickety one that fell the fuck over every other minute.
It took me a few hours to get the gist of it. Its very easy to get into, bro
this fuckin guy
Everyone makes that one error at first but it's not like it will happen a second time unless you're retarded.
Is it possible to share ui set ups? I want that.
I just look at the monthly costs and then realize that for the amount of sculpting I do for my work it isn't worth the money to subscribe to Zbrush.
I'll giva you mine if you want. It's posted in wip if you wanna check it out
>subscribe to Zbrush
>subscribe to

You retardo?
>being a criminal
File: umbo.jpg (468 KB, 1280x960)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
I'm not implying Zbrush should be pirated, I'm stating the obvious that there isn't subscription option for Zbrush, but since you are mentally retarded I doubt you can grasp this.
Mind sharing it here?
File: capzz.png (299 KB, 1921x1080)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
I meant screenshot is posted there
it's r7 though. and I'd bring some little changes to it if I done it now, but I use almost all of it
and there are couple of custom brushes also in there.
File: Capture.jpg (196 KB, 1916x1076)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
oh and there is Morror and Weld under Morror, I opened some demo project for screenshot and somehow it's not there.
here this is correct versioin

That's a ridiculous amounts of spikes. You gotta get rid of at least 50% of them to make it look less silly. Then it's just regular silly.
I have not posted this for r8
and this is just a sketching phase of a character, but why would I want it to look less "silly", or better.. tell me how will less spikes make it less "silly"?
Some programs have that built into project info. I didn't start counting from the beginning so I can't possibly know anymore.
I'd just like to say I concur, anon.

I came back to Zbrush for the first time in months the other day, and was just.... appalled.

When I learnt it first time around I thought, 'OK - I'm new to this, I mustn't be negative, there's obviously a very good reason why this software works this way....'

And after not needing it for a months because, y'know, Substance Painter achieves 99% of what I ever needed Zbrush for - WAY more easily - I just thought, 'no - it's not me; this interface, this method of interacting with the tools is FUCKED.'

The whole 2.5d thing was an interesting experiment, but fuck it. It's done. No one needs it. And holy fucking shit are the menus and sliders and palettes just a bunch of unwieldy badly designed bullshit.

No - I'm with anon here; fuck Zbrush right in its face. If you just want to create highly detailed normal maps for your box-modelled meshes - Allegorithmic are your friends now.

Zbrush, like the government, should only be something you turn to for help when you have exhausted absolutely all other alternative solutions.
Interestingly, this is exactly how I would describe my relationship with crack cocaine.

And Zbrush. Obviously.

If you want to 'sculpt' like a sculptor sculpts, like where you're going into something where you're only 10-20% sure of what you want the end product to look like, then, yeah - you need to learn Zbrush or 3D Coat.

If you mean 'sculpting' like, you wanna take a worked-up mesh that was created via box-modelling methods in something like Max, and then apply a high-ish level of surface detail and polish to the object - then I would strongly, strongly urge you to consider learning 3D painting packages, ie; Substance Designer and Painter, and/or Quixel Suite.

I was watching a tut for SD by Roger Rogelio - a senior artist at Naughty Dog, and he said exactly this;

'Since Substance came along, I almost never use Zbrush anymore. Nearly everything I used Zbrush for can now be achieved in Substance.'

So... consider what you actually wanna get out of Zbrush before wasting a whole shitload of time energy and frustration on learning it.
Please link me to that course, I'm interested. I have both programs, but I don't understand how is Substance supposed to replace Zbrush. AFAIK, it doesn't have sculpting tools, it is basically Photoshop for 3D. How can I detail a low poly mesh in it? Maps?

But I guess he didn't mean that for character modeling.
I'm big Zbrush fanboy and almost whole my workflow is in zbrush etc..but I strongly agree with this. who don't enjoy sculpting and use zbrush just for detailing, i really dont get why even use it and than bitch how it sucks? find tutorials with box modelling workflows.

when I started I had big experience in fine arts/oil, pencil painting, and I thinkthis is why it was very fluid and easy for me to just get in it. but when you start from 0 it's like learning how to draw with all 3d bs. to me learning ui was not hard or confusing because I was having blast with sculpting. but for people with no knowledge in anatomy, forms etc.. sculpting is the most confusing and frustrating part.

It's a course on Gnomon. Just google his name and 'Gnomon'.

Substance is not for 'sculpting' and yes, they are painting applications - *but* the level of detail and control you can go into with height and normal channels gets you pretty fuckin close to what you'd call 'sculpting.'
No, you can't go into Painter with no mesh of any sort already having been made and come up with something. You need a base mesh to take into Painter.

Here's an example of how you'd achieve the same outcome via Zbrush vs. Substance.

Say you wanna make a damaged concrete barrier.

So you'd start in Max, make up the LP box model of the barrier, taking it as far as you could go.
The Zbrush user would then send this to Zbrush, convert it to a high-res mesh, then use all the sculpt tools to detail it and apply the damage.
If he doesn't want to have to retopologise the barrier (basically, make a whole new LP version of the object again) he has to be *really* careful to not do too much to the object. If he breaks the silhouette - he's fucked it, and he's gonna have to remake the low poly, or use a decimated version of the high-poly.
THEN he has to export that HP version lay out the UV map on the LP, and bake a normal map out in xNormal, and that normal map will contain all that lovely high detail damage work when applied to the low-poly mesh.

The Substance guy has it WAY easier. He makes the LP mesh the same as the Zbrush guy, but unlike the Zbrush guy - he has to have the UVs all sorted and laid out before he can send to Substance. Once that's done - he can just into substance and go nuts - there's no way of fucking up the mesh because he's not working on a mesh - he's working on maps. He can apply height maps, normal maps, paint them on, apply them via generators, or with emitters (which are really cool), and just basically go to town with it, because the thing he's working on is the finished thing.

Substance guy, is way, WAY happier, btw.
Thanks, that's good to know. I've used Zbrush a bit, but mainly for character beauty renders, now I probably won't use it for anything else. Although, I guess creating organic things like rocks and boulders would still have to be done with zbrush?

I'll check out that tutorial.
File: image.jpg (64 KB, 640x480)
64 KB
Pro vs. con version of achieving pic related in Substance vs. Zbrush:

1. Can achieve a LOT more detail. Can create holes in the object etc. as well as add extra topology like bits of twisted steel sticking out.
2. Don't need the UVs to be laid out on the base mesh before sculpting.
3. Has the option of using the hi-poly geometry, via decimating the poly-count.

1. Zbrush interface feels like you're being made to fill out a tax return at gun-point, while being force-fed LSD and hung upside down in a hall of mirrors.
2. If you break the silhouette, you have to retopologise. If you add anything to the object, you have to retopologise. If you move or change the scale of the object, you have to retopologise.

3. You ideally need clean quad base-geo to get good subdivisions.

4. You still have to bake the normal map out onto the LP geo, (which still has to have the UVs laid out) in a separate application.

You still just end up with a normal map at the end of the day.



Substance Painter:

1. If you can use Photoshop, you can use Substance Painter. It's so fucking easy.
2. Don't need particularly clean base-mesh.
3. You can bake a hi-poly normal map (that you made in Zbrush) onto your LP geo within SP if you really want to.
4. You can't fuck up your mesh.
5. You're working on an asset for a PBR engine *from within a PBR engine.*

1. Need UVs laid before painting.
2. Can't make huge changes to silhouette of object.
3. Level of detail is limited by resolution, which is effectively limited to 4K at the moment.

.... That about covers it.
I have only this >>566332
heres my UI i made, its optimized for 2560x1440
File: zbrushui.png (360 KB, 2552x1440)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
oh jesus... i need to sleep
Anyone have any good character sculpting tutorials for zbrush? Paid or not.

I never understood why people comply about Zbrush interface. Sure, it is different from most CGI applications but that is the point. Not to think in traditional therms till retopology.

Offcourse knowing traditional software like Maya helps to understand a lot of concepts and not screw up but Zbrush my favorite tool for modeling both, organic and inorganic stuff unless i need to copy something a 100% accurrately.
Who's the genius that made all the camera buttons the same hotkey that just depends on which button is released first! like wtf also every time I try to make something in zbrush I run into at least 3 problems, but they are never the same ones! It always pulls a new one out of its ass. And they wont change/fix anything because they are already industry standard so they dont even care anymore
first post best post. Like with all major business software, you will be doing almost all of your work with only 20% of the features.

Having said that, ZBrush's UI isn't abysmal. It's designed to be used with drawing tablets, not keyboards and mice.
Buy a fucking tablet and you'll understand why it is the way it is.
I have never *not* used zbrush with a tablet, know how to get it to do what I want it to do (on the sculpting tool end) and am getting sick of repeating myself. Working in it is still a nightmare for reasons unrelated to how nonstandard the terminology, default layout and hotkeys are. If it was designed for use with a tablet, the default behavior wouldn't be to have the camera fly the fuck off if you miss the model by a pixel while trying to sculpt so I don't know whose ass you're pulling that little detail out of.
ZBrush's UI isn't even designed to be used with actual 3D, by-the-by.
I think you are just a retard
why isn't all this dumb shit happening to me at all?

reset your UI... because you definitely turned some shit on,
use right click for camera rotation,

and how the hell on this board, knowing shortcuts is some advanced wizardry??

some people are just whining in the sake of it. and other thing is, not everyone can sculpt, in reality sculpting is way different skill than traditionall 3d. for me it's almost like drawing. all the drawing skills I had transitioned in Zbrush for me, but I imagine that, if I had no drawing experience, it would have been 100 x grind to make basic head.
and people who can not sculpt, think that UI sucks. because they are getting frustrated doing basic things via sculpting. IDK, this is my theory
I have rotating by touching the canvas switched off, but the fact that it was switched on by default pokes a big hole in the idea that the interface is the way it is "because tablets" and not just because it's fucking dumb, as if the fact that there are plenty of other programs designed for tablets without dumbass interfaces that expect you to do shit like hold two buttons and then release one to access a function that could just be on one hotkey wasn't enough. I'm sure there's a really good, tablet-related reason that the default setup treats zooming with a hotkey somewhat like doing a move in a fighting game. Have you considered maybe, instead of parroting and believing that "It's good for the tablets", explaining or thinking about exactly how it benefits tablet users? I'll give you some time, since there's actually nothing the nonsense interface has over one that makes sense and coming up with convincing bullshit is difficult.

And where's this assumption that if I have a problem with ZBrush I must have a problem with sculpting coming from? I haven't stopped using ZBrush even though it's a pain to use, and if ZBrush's toolkit was in a more standard software's interface and actually-3D-not-weird-fake-distorted-2.5D viewport I'd have nothing to complain about. I have no problem applying the sculpting tools. Who would? It's like drawing without having to worry about rendering or perspective. I could go into Mudbox, as basic as it is, and have no complaints about the interface because hey it's intuitive, uses typical 3D terminology and getting close to a model in the viewport isn't like trying to look at what you're working on through a distorted telescope.
Case in point: we're in 2017 and there are people still using 1280x720 screen resolution when working with ZBrush purely because it causes the least problems with the interface and viewport. This is because it's good for the tablets and the interface is not a problem.
Oh my god I had to use Zbrush again yesterday for the first time in a while and JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST it's a piece of shit.

No. It is. This isn't a debate now. It's pretty much settled - it FUCKING SUCKS.

I just had a bunch of floor slabs for an outdoor scene that I wanted to break apart a bit and just... y'know, add some sculpted character to them....


First off - the Max GoZ utility decides to be a cunt and will only send the fucking model at ENORMOUS sizes, so even with the brush draw size at 1000, it's fucking tiny.

After fixing that bullshit... I remember that OH YEAH! Zbrush will lose its fucking shit if you send a single poly plane - everything has to have depth, like, boxes. So, back to max we go, and I have to shell all the poly planes making my floor objects.
What's next on the bullshit menu? Oh yes, there's the wonderful Russian Roulette dynamesh resolution settings - awesome. So I try putting in the lowest value possible and.... BOOM... That single low-poly box now has 3.4million points!
After just a SHITLOAD more fucking around, with bringing stuff in manually and having to append parts of the object which didn't want to come in all in one piece... Im finally sculpting.

Except when I'm not because Zbrush can't fucking gets its head around this whole 'ignore backfacing' concept.

Oh man, and the whole fucking camera system, and the hellish pallete interface, and the sliders that don't work because they're too small, and the keyboard-entry number fields that require you to press 'enter' after you've entered the number....


I hate it. I FUCKING hate it.
This guy gets it.

I'm fucking sick of being told that it's not Zbrush, its me.
I've been using it for a few years now - and no, it's really, really not me. It's not the tablet. It's not my UI setup.

It's Zbrush.

I've had it with Zbrush at this point. I guess I officially quit this particular piece of software, if you like it, great, but for me - this software is patently just badly designed and full of new ideas that have just not panned out.

I don't care what the industry standard is or what has the better support or whatever, I'm trying out mudbox for the first time now - there is no way it can be worse than Zbrush.
which buttons have you mapped on pen-buttons?

yeah camera moves when you click on cavanas and move it is how camera moves. (I use right button for it because itr's better), but it does not go apeshit and move half screen away like you say,
IDK man, I relly don't have same problems as you.. and I use almost all functions of it.

just fucking switch to 3d coat or mudbox then? why the hell are you even trying to get used to it if it "sucks" so much?
>just fucking switch to 3d coat or mudbox then? why the hell are you even trying to get used to it if it "sucks" so much?

Mudbox and 3DCoat have little baby sculpting toolkits and ZBrush has a big man toolkit. I'll ditch it in a heartbeat the second something actually better comes along.
Depends on what kind of work you are doing. For the majority of sculpting tasks there is not a huge difference in functionality between applications.
Creating things quickly and from scratch.

Here's what I need from Mudbox, if it fulfills this very scant list of requirements - Zrbush is history for me.

1. Simply and easily move base meshes from Maya / Max into it and back with no fucking around.
2. Simple and intuitive procedure to make HP version of that mesh, and be able to move up and down between a couple subdivision levels.
3. Modest size suite of sculpting brushes that would suit an environment artist, that I can drop my existing alphas into, to just break up and naturalise environment props a little, and if the tools have roughly the same functions as Zbrush drag rectangle, dot spray, lazy mouse, track-to-path that would be nice. This is not a deal breaker but I like those tool functions. Something like the insert mesh brush would be nice, but I can live without it.
I also like the easy access to types of tool (smooth, sculpt and mask - fuck the clipping tools) just with a couple keys. If it's got something like that, then great. If not - I'll get over it.
3. WAY, WAY, WAY better retopology workflow. I mean.... What the FUCK is that bullshit nightmare in Zbrush? Create a zsphere, then hide it somewhere in the scene... then, enable modify topology.... then perform an arcane pagan incantation under a blood-moon.... then use the shittiest SHITTIEST mesh creation tools on earth to create a piece of shit LP mesh... Jesus it makes my head hurt thinking about it...
4. Something akin to the decimation and UV master tools.

If Mudbox does those things without the fucking NIGHTMARE camera system, the insane UI and the absolutely fucking bizarre workflows, then me and Zbrush are history.

>>Zbrush retopology

I honestly have nothing against people that like Zbrush and get on with it, if it suits them, then it can't be all bad....

But I would honestly be a bit amazed and filled with a tiny bit of disbelief if even the most hardcore Zbrush fanboys would actually defend the Zsphere retop workflow and say with a straight face that it works well.
I actually think I laughed the first time I saw someone demo this procedure...
any1 here have any zbrush related books? Thank
Anyone have a download to a good custom UI?
Have you tried this?

Ok - downloaded, installed and ran Mudbox for the first time ever today and have been using it for a grand total of less than three hours. Here are my findings:


Holy shit this is like being released from prison. Ok - from what I can tell so far, the brushes and other tools do not have *quite* the same level of customizability and sophistication of Zbrush, but they're perfectly, *perfectly* good enough for my needs and holy FUCK how great it is to be able to use Maya style navigation.
No 2.5D bullshit...
Perfectly intuitive menus and windows...

Oh god this is perfect.

Yeah - to any noobs reading this. Fuck what the Zbrush 'master race' (as they'd probably like to be known) have to say - Mudbox is way, WAY nicer to use.

And yes, apart from the equivalent 'insert mesh brush' which I haven't found yet, it pretty much has all the things I listed that it ought to have.

Goodbye, Zbrush. You will not be missed.
I'm so happy that finally you'll be fucking off

PS: there's no IMM in Mudbox
if you don't like people moaning about Zbrush, why do you consciously chose to open and read a thread specifically for people to moan about Zbrush?
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So when are Allegorithmic going to make a sculpting program that integrates with Substance Designer/Painter?
Is there a mod for normal ass xyz coordinate transform handles
I pretty much just use the ctrl, shift, alt keys and my tablet.
Actually i do use more than that, but thats essentially how i got into it, and the rest was just experimenting.
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Here is r8 and alsi r7 UI-s and pic is preview
but there are also some custom brushes pinned

https://we. tl/uK7sDWyowR
If you're not hyped enough for what you can do in that software to get past minor inconveniences with the UI, the problem is not with the software.

If we're talking shit UX, I'd have to bring up 3ds Max. We're what, 20 versions in or more and the interface is getting worse.
I'm a pro 3d artist and I fucking hate zbrush. Sure I respect its function and the tech behind it but it feels like its made by aliens.
>meshes are called tools for literally no reason
>horrible camera movement controls
>packing multible meshes into one project is a pain in the ass
>pressing ctrl-z too many times brings up a stock mesh because intuitive interface!

I get fucking angry every time I use it. Sadly it just can't be replaced yet. I just try and avoid it in personal work.
I have this one. It's pretty handy.
File: yup.gif (1.93 MB, 235x240)
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1.93 MB GIF

>meshes are called tools for literally no reason

This. Fucking THIS.

>I get fucking angry every time I use it.

Also this.

ZBrush is the first time I've legitimately felt like adding undo functionality to the camera would speed up my workflow by >25%. Obviously I'd prefer the camera controls didn't suck to begin with but that really hammers in how little control you get over them. If you lose a position, it's gone forever: keeping the camera pivot point consistent so that finding the right angle doesn't take minutes worth of fucking around is a foreign concept to Pixologic, just like every other standard in 3D and UI design apparently.
A series of constant, unavoidable annoyances too numerous to list is more than minor. It's hard to put my best efforts into what I'm working on when I'm constantly frustrated and it's hard to want to use the software when most of the interface seems to be designed with the intention of making me really fucking mad.

How do you mean. You can store various camera positions. 2 custom ones and more I think with a plugin.

We should go for a beer some time.
I mean if I move it, I want to be able to undo it without needing the foresight to know that the camera's about to do something that makes me lose that position and store it beforehand. If there's a way to do that I haven't found it through web/forum searches or asking around.

Not the guy you're talking to but you can hack the 'animation' tools (btw - can you imagine animating in Zbrush? seriously just think about that for a second...) to keyframe camera positions and move between them but it would probably be better if...

1. Zbrush had a camera navigation system that doesn't make the muscles in the back of my neck and around the base of my skull start aching the moment I think about it.
2. Camera bookmarks in Maya works perfectly. Maybe Pixologic could just copy that? No? Ok then....
How the do I move a brush from the god damn lightbox to one of my custom brush shelves so I don't have to navigate through these horrible menus every time I need it??

Enabling customize mode and ctrl+alt dragging does nothing
you must put them in Zstartup/brushes folder
and they'll be in your /b meny, after draggig them in UI they won't dissappear
just use mudbox
As with all design software, I make the interface irrelevant by learning hotkeys, bitch.
ok, bitch.

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