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someone have manual to revit?
Try opening revit and hitting f1 u turbotard
- Interior Designer
You can usually find them online, or just buy a book. There's one on piratebay last time I looked. Also Lynda.com does a good video series on it if you want to pay the subscription, or can get it free from university.

Learning the program is one thing though, you need experience using it in a practice on active projects to really get the hang of it.

I'm an architecture postgrad though, managed BIM projects in-practice for a few years, ask me anything about Revit I guess.
Not OP but I have some questions. I work as a CAD monkey for a mechanical contractor. We're moving toward more revit based projects recently.
It doesn't seen like revit's core functionality, coordination, works outside of a single network. Am I mistaken in this?
yes. you can definitely coordinate projects over a WAN. Revit server seems to be the way to do it. I haven't had any personal experience with it, but i have talked to people who've worked on projects which have used it. I imagine its a pain in the ass the set up properly and part of the reason why companies hire full time bim managers.

How difficult is it exactly to pick up if I already have CAD experience with Solidworks and the like?
Not too hard. Using solidworks helps as certain components need to be properly defined with dimensions, like how sketches in solidworks are. The actual modelling isn't too hard either. It has a steep learning curve at the start because everything has information attached to it and there are lots of different options for things. Nothing you can't get around with some practice and a bit of googling. Like the other anon said, if you are using it professionally then things jump up to a whole new level. Effectively managing the information and types becomes very important or your model turns into a clusterfuck.
How about Vray for Revit? I've been looking for cracks everywhere.

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