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just found this board, decided to share a project i made.
any opinions?
aside from the lack of focus, and interest the composition is very bland
its like you used the same material for everything.
that brick wall probably bothers me the most. but you need proper reflections and composition, i suggest you use HDRI
If all windows of terrorists homes were like yours, 9/11 would never have happened.
Lots of shit is wrong, but here's the stand-outs for me:
1. Day looks overcast, but strong shadows with almost no GI
2. Gamma is fucked up, again despite your BG being overcast, the crushed darks look like it was shot on a Canon camera from 2005
3. Chromatic-fucking-aberration? Kill yourself.
4. Planar mapping on the table makes me puke.
5. Even if square-shaped iron bars exist, they wouldn't perfectly intersect (impossible to forge this shape), instead they have to be overlaid over and under. Look at any real wrought iron fence and you'll see that it's made of a lot of small individual parts and bands. Also, the part where the metal joins the wall is almost certainly going to be worn down because a hole was drilled into which the iron bar was jammed.

You should really work on your lighting; if you can make even the simplest of objects look fairly realistic, then any more-detailed or complex object is going to look realistic as well. If you can't make this scene look decent, then good luck trying to make literally anything else.
He should work on materials as well if he wants it to be more realistic.
File: IMG_5716.jpg (199 KB, 960x716)
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Materials are important too of course, but the crappy lighting doesn't help things. He could have high-res PBR textures and his current setup would still ruin things.

Textures can often hide issues in lighting setups, so it pays to occasionally do a "clay" render where everything is monotone without diffuse maps so you can see only the effects of the lighting.

In any case, talk is useless without pictures, so I'm going to dump some reference pics I've just found online for OP to study.
File: IMG_5715.jpg (1.14 MB, 4100x3280)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
File: IMG_5712.jpg (188 KB, 1024x921)
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File: IMG_5713.jpg (769 KB, 2048x1365)
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File: IMG_5717.jpg (34 KB, 449x300)
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And assuming you still want window bars...
File: IMG_5719.jpg (97 KB, 300x470)
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The actual construction should be more like this.
is this prison from time when jesus was alive?
Not likely, although iron work existed as far back as the Roman Empire, it would have been exceedingly pricey to produce something as mundane as cell bars. This likely isn't earlier than 18th century when mass iron production started to kick off due to advancements in forging.
I like this comment a lot
Now that you've said it I'm interested in seeing some setups with good lighting but bad materials. Don't know where to find things such as those, hm...

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