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any 3DSfags out here that are skilled with (preferably low poly) hair? I'm trying to get a long double ponytail going. Tried braiding but of course got a ridiculously high poly count.
The hair is quite a big deal as it does feature as the character's primary weapon.

Pic related, it's the head as it is, I am a student so anywhere one can guide me for relevant information would be much appreciated...
Hair is pretty easy mate

Just make some rectangles and angle them the right way

Then you just need some textures to make it look nice

Normally I can do hair in just a few polygons but I'm pretty experienced, hit me up on Twitter or catch me streaming I'll give ya a few tips! Maybe even a quick demo.
>hit me up on Twitter or catch me streaming
>doesn't link twitter or stream

I know fuckall about modeling, but it might be a good idea to look at finished models and see how people who're making money out of it are doing it. Go to models-resourse at look at the fusionfall models for something similar to what you want to make.
One of the characters has braided hair. This is how they did it.

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