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First post on this board. I didn't even know this existed till now.

Anyways. I've been playing around with Zbrush and Mudbox for a bit, trying to learn the basics and shit. I want to get into doing assets, character design and concept art for video games. I used to work for a production company that used Soft Image and that program is fucking dead now and I don't know how to use any other 3D program.

I really like to dig deep into stuff that I'm doing so I don't want to waste time trying something out and finding out that it's not usefull so my stupid question is this:

Should I learn Maya, Cinema 4D, 3DsMax, Modo, Fusion 360(for modeling), Blender, 3D Coat or something else if I want to get into the industry?

I'm probably going to learn Substance Painter anyways because it seems furking good for texturing...

I all ready like sculpting in Zbrush so I'm going to practice that anyway. Which program works best with Zbrush and which program would be good to learn to get jobs? Should I just learn the basics of everything and hope for the best?

Pic. related. My first Zbrush sculpt. You can also just say what I could improve in it if you don't have anything else to say... Ehh... I dunno. I'm so happy we have a 3D board.
dont be a generalist and research about whats best for your specific thing
theres also a thread here
zbrush is one of the best ways to obtain a job, and having a nice pair of tits isn't too bad either.

that's pretty good for a start, come back in 2 months and report back. this type of thing takes a long time to come together

Well okay. Honing down a bit. I'd like to do:

- Production art
- Concept art
- Assets

I'm pretty good with Photoshop. I can draw shit so basically stills and stuff that "looks good". I'm not interested in simulations or animation.

Thanks for your thoughts. What kinds of things do people want to see when it comes to Zbrush? It's pretty fucking easy to make stuff with shitty geometry but you can't make anything that's game engine ready even with the retopology tools.
>What kinds of things do people want to see when it comes to Zbrush?
if you want to gain popularity in art websites its best you go for "stylized" look. like disney infinity. also its best if you sculpt woman and not men, you get more exposure this way.
the problem is this style is pretty hard to grasp, so its impressive when you see it.
secondly i suggest you explore the hard-surface tools. this is the most overlooked aspect in zbrush. models with good hardsurface looks alot better than those that don't.
and watch videos, because when it comes to zbrush there is so much shit you think you know but you actually don't
even this is generalist

Thanks man. I'm never going to go for any Disney thing even if it's popular. It's not appealing to me at all so I just won't do that. If I ever want to gain popularity on the interwebs I'm probably just gonna do some nostalgic shit. People seem to respond to that... Just look at Dave Rapoza for example (He's not a 3D dude but still).

Hard surface stuff might be cool though. Been thinking of buying Bulgarov's kitbashing set. Also been looking at ways to create some greebles with alphas on Zbrush. It's really a crazy program. Almost too deep for a stupid fellow like myself...

What do you consider as "generalist"? You mean like I should just do texturing or just characters or vehicles or what? Only do characters? Only monsters? What do you mean?
File: Bateman1.jpg (2.67 MB, 1920x2485)
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2.67 MB JPG

I'd like to do all kinds of different shit. This is my second Zbrush thingy with about 50% Photoshop work. I still need a program for shading and modeling.

Being able to vomit out some 2D effects doesn't seem to be super interesting for game companies...

I'll be back in about 2 months when I actually learn how to model and shade stuff. Maybe I'll just try to do that stuff in Maya. It seems to be pretty popular in game companies across the board.

Thanks guise!
don't use maya for modeling , use max
don't use maya or max use google sketchup
show us before photoshop:)
File: How2.jpg (987 KB, 1500x1421)
987 KB
987 KB JPG

I can't run Keyshot on my shitty computer so I just have to use the BPR passes. Shit sucks.
Should I learn Maya, Cinema 4D, 3DsMax, Modo, Fusion 360(for modeling), Blender, 3D Coat or something else if I want to get into the industry?
Should we tell him?

Lol. I understand that it's sort of a stupid question.

>>564770 << That thread covered the stuff pretty well.

Just wanted to hear thoughts from people who are all ready working in the games industry. I know there isn't going to be a 100% consensus there...
we sould let him struggle a little bit more and then we tell him

final image looks really impressive, but just because it's wrapped up well.(kinda)
but, I really don't like design choices though...
all these wrinkles atround his lips, (he shouldm't be 80 year old)
and brown leather armor?
sorry for being jerk ..

how the fuck did you do thae wateR?
File: How2.jpg (1.05 MB, 1478x1258)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG

Yeah. Gotcha. Batman is really old in some of the Frank Miller stuff so I was going for that.
You're not really being a jerk. I understand why you don't like it. It's a matter of taste more than anything...


Hours of Photoshopping PNG images from google on the image and painting in the rest. It took a lot of time...
Here are some of the assets and shit I used...

The hand is just my own with a simple leather glove. Took the picture with my cell phone and went from there... You have to cheat some times when you don't have the programs or the 3D skillz.
But milker's batman is fucking massive man )) your's more looks like. Batman beyond, but he wears space suit there ))) But hey, there are countless elseworld books out there, so I really can not argue here ))
Btw, I'm not saying that I don't like your work!!

I also want to sculpt comic book characters. But every time I want to start, I'm doing my own characters...
its obviously Thomas Wayne you daft shit head
your composition skills are much better than your modeling skills
you really made that muddy bloby model work and read in post
was this based off something?
there are some really nice design choices i wouldnt expect at your level

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