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Been working on this SCAR H for a day now, but what's all this fuzzy stuff that's showing up when I render it? The model itself looks normal as far as I can tell
Would really help if you'd tell us in which program you're rendering
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Blender, sorry completely forgot to specify. Here's another picture btw in edit mode
are you trolling? you have flipped faces all across the model.

i said this several times to people, even need to put this in the sticky. if you want to model weapons in blender get the dvd from cgmasters. any other modeling tutorials is shit and gonna mislead you
Nope, turns out it was just the mirror modifier messing with the whole thing. I didn't use a tutorial either...
If you see triangled shadows like these again, it's often because of multiple faces being in the same position leading to z-depth problems in the shader, which probably was produced by your mirror modifier this time.
Guys, are those triangles here considered bad? (Other anon)
Having triangles is not a huge deal because a game engine divides all squares into triangles. As long as you dont have face with more than 4 verts.
Do you have a link to the DVD? I'm retarded and can't find it on their website.
they removed it from their website. that's a damn shame.

but darine lile (our guy) have a new tutorial coming
Noice.. thanks anon
it's bad if you want to do the highpoly first because it can cause pinching / fucked up faces when smoothing it. that means it's a pain to bake normalsmap etc. because you'll have to clean them in photoshop. in a game engine, it can potentially cause problem if the triangles are too long (for instance, if you have a triangle form one end of the barrel to the other, it can cause problems with reflections).

if the triangle is surounded by quads in a flat plane ,it will cause no problem most of the time.
Deformation algorithms written by mathematicians rely on the fact that 99% of your geometry should be rectangular-shaped quads.

Examples of deformation algorithms:
Subdivision surfaces

If the tris or n-gons are located in an area where they will not be deformed much (inner flat surface), then they obviously don't matter.

This is why character animators often merge edge loops closer to the top of the forehead, because no one animates that shit.
You're confusing deformation and interpolation.

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