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So this is not a "how do I 3d image" thread
Its more about where it start
Would you recommend, for someone who is brand new to it, that they go to a school or they self teach?
I have some fairly radical ideas for Australian legal firearms however I need to actually start designing if I want to get real
Ive wondered this myself. But in a different way. I dont think of where to learn but how to start a said 3D object. Like where do you start when building that gun.
Try to get a student license for solidworks
fusion 360
Self teach, because if you find out you don't like it you can always quit with no economic incentive to stay and want to quit five years down the road. If you do want to continue your education through formal means (though you really don't need too), then by all means check out the good art schools (not full sail).
You build the gun by pieces. Triggers, stocks, barrels, guts. Just start making each piece and eventually you will have a full object.
OP here
I was thinking this
however starting with a single cartridge, that way as long as the cartridge is perfect scale you can build aorund that, being that I was planning on basing it around a revolver, I would probably go, cartridge, cylinder, frame, barrel and so on including the intricate parts in between
I'm 2 months in and kinda miss some focus in my learning, I feel like I'm everywhere, even jumped to Blender from Max for a bit, because it looked fun.
Op here
Thanks for the info guys im going to keep self teaching
This is a very slow board I didnt expect this to still be here

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