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File: divine_divinity.jpg (744 KB, 1920x1080)
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How difficult would it be to create a game with this style of graphics?
I've done some basic things thanks to youtube like rigging and animating downloaded models. Did a little cuirass which came out looking okayish.
I'm assuming you model the pieces and the character while playing with the camera, yes?
ask /agdg/, this board is less about games and more about modelling/rendering

it looks like hand-drawn 2D to me
Alright, thanks. I was under the impression that they rendered those characters and put them into spritesheets.
100% not hand drawn. What are you smoking?
very easy since it seems like they are regular blocks with baked normals hi to low and slapped some color on them.
Style is very reminiscent of Fallout and Alien shooter.
I have posted a similar thread somewhen the first time I was here.
Really enthusiastic with the Game, played it myself in 2014 or so.
I could and really want to help you with the game, can you give me a contact ?

For the graphics you wouldneed to model every entity or asset that you see in the game and render it with an ortographic top down camera , I guess they had their own program for this back then but you could make a similar setup with Blender .
This is a 2D engine , but everything was rendered before to make it look like 3D and set in the map.
same anon here
OP, in case you use kik :
File: Project.webm (2.81 MB, 1275x720)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB WEBM
Yeah, it's a cool game. I like the open exploration aspect but I switched PCs so I lost progress.

And as for helping, are you asking about Divine Divinity or the project I 'm asking about?

If you're talking about what I'm planning I actually have some small parts set up on RPG Maker, I know its reputation but it has come a long way, and I'm using similar style graphics purchased from the RPG maker store.

My main grip with the resources are they're geared towards RPG Maker's top down perspective and a lot of non-walking animations are 3 frames. But it makes sense in context because they're geared more towards RPG Maker default settings but now there's tools that allow for much greater frames.

Of course they're pretty serviceable but for later projects I would like to make my own graphics in that style. However if you'd still like to help I'd contact you in kik, even if I have no experience using it.

As I said, I'm still learning. I even got a webm of that model I downloaded and gave a quick idle animation in blender.
That'd be great. I'll just drop my Steam here if you dont use kik , I guess : slastraf .
I'd like to help you or collaberate with the making of a game, and if you are not locked to RPG maker, heres a probably better and free game engine : https://godotengine.org
But we can talk about all this later, including game style.
Btw, I have ~ 600 hours in Blender, so I could set this up and make anything with ok topology, but not on a professional level ( but it would be on a level like the game factorio, which reminds me of your video that you posted ).
same anon again
heres an example for isometric 2D tileset
File: failTiles.png (62 KB, 328x267)
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Okay, send you a friend invite from steam.
I'm Hannibal Barca.

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