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I don't know how to continue

Now, I've started with blender around 2 weeks ago and just messed around with a bunch of tutorials. But I feel like most of them is just paint by numbers and if I start something on my own I don't really know what to do.

I don't know which programm to use either ( Mainly interested in modeling, not at all in animation)
Now when I mention I want to model mainly I will have 10 people telling me to use 3DS Max and another 10 telling me Max is a production meme and I should be using Blender.

Can someone point me to some good resources on proper workflow, modeling and texturing/shadering?
Doesn't matter if its free or not i'll just torrent if its not
Choose Maya or 3DS Max, it really doesn't matter (I use Maya) and pirate intro tutorials from The Gnomon Workshop and pluralsight.
Like with most art, trying to do anything from imagination is difficult without a good visual library.

Try modelling things you like from reference of things you like to start with.
Alright so I'll just go with 3DS Max then, thank you
Should I use the backround image thing when starting to model something or is that a bad habit to get into? ( Since I probably won't always have perfect reference image to use )
go to borncg channel and start from ep1

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