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File: JonasDinges3.jpg (164 KB, 800x600)
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Gonna be posting this guy's work in hopes that someone can help me out.

I'm looking at these and noticing that the models, though lo-poly, have almost smooth edges. Is there a way to smooth the edges of lo-poly models like this without going through and beveling every edge?
I believe he made these in Z-Brush.
File: JonasDinges4.jpg (211 KB, 800x600)
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File: JonasDinges1.jpg (349 KB, 800x600)
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Also, ignore the file names. The guy who made these is Jona Dinges
File: JonasDinges2.jpg (442 KB, 800x600)
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Its the shader.
>what is bevel modifier
In Vray, if you apply a VRayEdgesTex map to the bump slot and set a value in the 'rounded edges' parameter, it will smooth out all your edges without you having to do a damn thing to your geometry.

You're welcome.

>what is bevel modifier

Not a perfect solution?
A good way of fucking up your smoothing groups?
A last resort if you can't be bothered to learn the crease set modifier and opensubdiv?

How did I do?
As a Vray user, thank you for this.
File: decimation.jpg (447 KB, 1818x1080)
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447 KB JPG
If you say he used zbrush he probably decimated the model zpluin>decimation master>preprocess current> then adjust the percentage to something low> then decimate current. This will achieve that look in zbrush
but who was low poly modeling that can be achieved in any 3d package?
That model clearly has some shitty bevel modifier applied to to it. You can tell by the the way the lighting gets fucked near triangles and around the belly button.
Seriously guys, thats not geometry yall thinking about. Thats litetally flat shading.
in zbrush you can maintain lowpoly shape when subdividing. and you can do it as much dubdivs as you want
and if you do it for like 3 subdivs and then it's off, it gives you that look.
if you know that he uses zbrush for this, than he uses that teqnique

I'm gonna put my lowpoly in zbrush soon, for details and I'll show you the effect on that.
>people are impressed by this
it's kinda has it's own aesthetics, I mean whole low poly genre has.
+ what do you mean in "Impressed" ?
can we see what might impress even you?
I assure my impression are not as cheap as no man sky two tone blend with decimated flat models.

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