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File: normalsÉ.png (11 KB, 717x321)
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This might be a noob question but I need help /3/

Does anyone know why the normals are messed up on this model?

I have tried recalculating normals, removing doubles, quadrangulating but nothing seems to work.
File: Untitled.png (40 KB, 1103x610)
40 KB
Second pic
Well that's fucking interesting. What program is that in?

Also hello fellow frenchieÉ
your modeling is just shit dude
It's hard to see what's going on from those pics but there could be a couple issues;

1. On first glance it looks like a geometry issue. You're bending those faces in like three different directions and that really doesn't work - you need more geo in there to make the kind of forms it looks like you're trying to make. If it *is* a geometry issue, see 2....

2. I don't know what software that is you're using but I'm gonna guess Blender because I've never used it. In Max you can use the 'turn' command to alter the direction of the invisible (triangulated) geometry to get better flow in instances such as this where you're bending quad faces in all sorts of awkward directions. If Blender has such a function, give it a shot.

3. As far as the normals go, Maya is the best thing to sort this stuff out. I dunno why but Maya's 'Mesh Display' menu has a shitload of tools for working with normals that even Max doesn't have. If you can get that model into Maya, just select it, go into 'vertex face' mode, select all vertex faces, then go; 'mesh display' > 'unlock normals'. (You won't see any change to the model at this point). Then go to 'mesh display' menu again and chose 'harden edge'. That will sort it out. It literally sorts every problem I have with normals for me.

If you have Maya installed - this is literally a 2 minute job which will take like, less than ten clicks.

But really, to be honest, the topology looks pretty bad. I don't mean to be cruel as you're obviously just starting, but I really think it's as much a topology issue as a normal issue. There looks to be a whole mess of triangles and quads all mixed together and that's not good, especially at such an early stage. Just start that part again and try to use clean, flowing quad geometry this time.
You don't have to select all faces to unlock / smooth normals in Maya. Just select the mesh. Also put that shit on your modelling shelf.
It looks like the smoothing is wrong, if you're using Blender, check if Auto Smooth is enabled in the ObData panel, and if it is, disable it.
File: Untitled.png (23 KB, 1303x636)
23 KB
Its low poly. Pic related is the whole thing. Also, its not my model.
It is blender but I also have maya installed which I'll give a shot.
I didn't make the model, I am fixing the topology and lowering vertex numbers for this model and a bunch of other ones
if you want to model weapons go pirate the dvd from cgmasters on weapon modeling.

you will learn how to model a sniper rifle with subd modeling.
however, at your current level its best you model anything but guns until you get a good grasp of all the modeling tools
Again, I did not make the model. Someone else did and I am just fixing some of the problems and this is a very odd one that I have never come across before. I have been modelling / animating for 5+ years and even have a small job doing it.
its best that you don't fix this model then.
is that a fucking spas 12? yeah. only a good blockout will do good here. fixing the model won't help
This worked. Thank you Anon.

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