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Just lost 3 days work.

Forgot that on Thursday I loaded up from an Autobackup at some point, and just forgot about it and carried on working, hitting the 'save' button at the end of the day.

Yesterday, started a new scene in the same project - totally forgetting that the main file I was working on was an Autobackup file and is still in the Autobak folder....

You know what happens next. The rest is history.


Sorry, I just needed to vent.
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wouldn't happen with Blender>>565218
happen to me all the time with max... life is hard when your dumb
Happens to me too, every single day. I mean, I don't lose much work, but it still crashes all the time. I can't tell if it's my PC (GTX960, i5 6500), but it shouldn't be. Same scenes in Blender are smooth and never crash.

The worst thing is that I have a craving for Blender, but if I ever want to work in this industry, I'll have to stick with Max.
This is the only time this has happened to me. And it 100% my fault, I accept that.

If, as you say, this happens to you 'all the time' - there is something deeply wrong with you.
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>not autistically increment+saving every 30 minutes
backup your stuff, and then make backups of those backups.

it feels autistic, but at least you won't ever end up losing 3 days of work.
>>not autistically increment+saving every 30 minutes
i increment save whenever i make a meaningful change that i can't easily undo. i also give it a name referring to whatever i did so i can potentially go back later and know what it is i'm actually opening
to be fair in big projects 3 days is nothing

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