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File: genensis zbrushsculpt.jpg (654 KB, 1602x1080)
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654 KB JPG
hey /3/ i've started working on a likeness of a actress named genesis Rodriguez in zbrush is not super realistic at this point. I would like to get feedback and also if anyone can post a side view of her face i will highly appreciate i couldn't find a side view picture nowhere
Try Catherine Z. Jones next.

Remove polypaint it is cheating. Someone here nearly got a job at naughty dog as a character artist but he got rejected because he did polypaint cheat.
naughty dog keeps making the same game over and over. Why would anyone want to work there lmao

Naughty dog is a golden ticket. An employee sees you worked on it and they will likely hire you.
no such thing as a golden ticket. If you want to make it in this industry, release your own game on steam, dont work for somebody else for huge amounts of hours per week then have no time or energy to do anything else

If he wanted to make his own game he should instead do stylized characters.

Not sure why you would do realistic characters unless you want to work for an AAA.
for starters dont use colors, and dont use that material
switch to standard one or get yourself they mudbox one
if you cant see teh likeness in sculpt alone you already failed

your nr 1 problem for now are the eyes and eye sockets, uits clear you do not understand the anatomy of the face well enough to reproduce it, study the exact shape of the eyelid any why it looks like it does, so underling muscle and bone structure
only then look for those subtle marks on the person you want to reproduce
File: Basic material.jpg (299 KB, 1560x963)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Here is basic material no poly-paint screenshot
and yeah i have a hard time whit eyes. i know Ryan Kingslien does some good video lesson i should check them out and practice some more on eyes
File: reff.jpg (559 KB, 1560x963)
559 KB
559 KB JPG
>>565144 here is some reference to compare
yeah, your image shows a lot of problems, mostly anatomical ones
you should first focus on one face part at a time and only then worry about the likeness
your lips lack lip corner
but your eyes are the bigger problem, they need a total rework
now that i see this is clearly obvious to me that that the mouth need a lot more work in terms of anatomy the mouth,eyes and even the nose needs some more work I'll most my progress on Monday right now i'm still working on it.
File: body.jpg (229 KB, 1542x903)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
i mean i do know how to do stylized work but i really want to master anatomy first. I think mastering real anatomy would also benefit the stylized artist also. Yes you do have a point there, if i was making my own game i wouldn't create realistic character like the level of noughtydog because it would take me so much time. This here sculpt is just an artistic pursuit i guess to achieve that level but i know i'm clearly not there yet. Picture is more or less a stylized body sculpt of a female i made. Also i know female anatomy is also my weakness is much more harder for me than sculpting a male. Thats the reason why i want to get better at it.
Why the fuck do you reply to obvious samefag bait post?
Realistic is the way to go if you wanna impress. Everybody knows who Hossein Diba is, nobody knows one stylized modeler from another.
Yes i've seen his work on artstation. achieving realism is more useful in my opinion for many reasons. well only 3 guys gave me some feedback and that's what i'm mostly after. that one guys who is "bait" had some interesting things he said i guess i won't reply to people who aren't giving me criticism of my work anymore.
what is polypaint lol

story behind this?
The fuck are you talking about retard? You can bake a polypaint just as you would any other map. What the fuck is cheating? What 'rules' have been broken?
its zbrush version of a texture that dosnt need a uv map as it uses vertex color
no shit you can bake it, and?
i guess he meant that the guy had projected polypaint on his sculpts, i wouldnt hire a guy like that too
if you cant make it by hand you have no place in a aaa team
OP here i made the polypaint by hand is not difficult using alpha and spray using yellow, red, and skin tone color here is the video that showed me the technique is a great way to create a basic skin to start from. I don't even know how to project map if i did i would have only done the eyes
From an anatomical stand point your model's neck is too long, and too thick where it connects to the head. Compare jaw width to neck width in your ref to your screen shot. Ref has an overhang for the jaw, yours has a tangent so the side of her face feels like a continuation of her neck and gives her a further elongated appearance.
File: 0000000.jpg (705 KB, 1602x1080)
705 KB
705 KB JPG
The Green lines show that your face is too short

Red arrow points out the over thick section of neck, opposire side of your model I traced over what needs to be outright chopped off.

Cyan indicates how you kept the neck too narrow going downward, gave her a giraffe neck to compensate for her gym-bro thickness near the jaw.

The divide under he nose, between nostrils seems too narrow, too... that is one you should tweak last, though, once you can turn of symmetry and do not plan to turn it back.

Real people rarely have perfectly symmetrical noses, having one always makes a model uncanny

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