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File: ANIMACION 3-800.gif (1.2 MB, 800x428)
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1.2 MB GIF
Does this look like a decent walking and running cycle? :/

It's my very first "animation", and I don't know if it looks ok or its just me.
Oh look its another animation thread from someone who obviously didnt learn the basic rules of animation.
Get the survival guide and fuck off
looks ok for your very first animation
but you can add much more detail,
you can clearly se that it is robotic

It's clearly a "first animation" with a lot of problems, making it look robotic. No smooth arc trajectories, identically mirrored poses for all blocks, low framerate, totally stiff foot bones, no followthrough (inertial forces) on the arms, hard curves on the pelvis that make it look like a hammering motion, feet touch the ground only in the very mid frame instead of infront or behind the pelvis so it looks like he's stomping in one place rather than walking, the list goes on...

Don't let that discourage you though, it's a first animation after all.
Best advice I can give you: Look at alot of references. Start daydreaming and choreograph stuff in your head whenever you can.

Second best advice: Learn what tools your animation software has to offer, and how they work
absolutely not.

your heel needs to be contract and relax in the motion.
Get Animator's survival kit
Good first start, but remember that more than just the arms and legs move when you walk.

I suggest you walk slowly and really think about what is moving when you walk. I like to watch movies or just watch people around campus, and the way they carry themselves.

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