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I quit blender a few months ago cuz when I tried to add texture images to just 1 side of the cube, it either turned pink/black or later when I "fixed" it, the image just repeated 30 times all over and it looked spiky.

Is there an older version of blender that doesn't have problems? I wanna animate 3d stuff and make games but everything's too expensive. Even unity makes you pay 70$ a month...
hope it helps
top kek
Guys, I have a question.

I'm using 3ds max in my college class. The thing is that it is going pretty slow so I'm learning by myself pretty much. Currently I'm trying to make a photorealistic archviz project but a lack of tutorials and constant crashes of 3ds max are pissing me off. I was thinking to, either:

>learn UE4 (rendering, texturing and lighting)
>give blender a try, since I see it has everything I need, the renderer is pretty good and there's a shitton of good tutorials available

I figured if I actually learn general 3d concepts with blender, I will still be able to transfer that knowledge to 3ds max, but blender has the advantage in that it has more tutorials I can learn from.

What is the smartest thing to do, as a beginner? I don't want to spread myself too thin either, but I've tried working with 3ds max and vray, and I spend more time waiting for the program to react to my commands then actually working in it.

I mean, I don't know what is the other option since my scene already crashes at 1.5M polygons and my PC is not that bad. I heard that 3ds max is prone to crashes anyway.

I learned Blender first, with age of 14/15 ,
have somewhere around 800 hours now (19 y.o.)
but I want to switch to 3ds max because its the "industry standard"
If I was you, I would still stick to max, tho, because of the latter and you have the opportunities.
Might aswell just try and render stuff with blender cycles if max crashes while rendering.
Yeah, it is industry standard though. I just started watching the introduction to blender and I'm afraid my mind will get fucked with different controls. I'm still fresh, started learning 3ds max 2 months ago, but I'm already very comfortable with the workflow and shortcuts. But I'll at least try it, the amount of learning resources is just too good.
I have only been doing it for a year and even i know you just go into edit mode selct the face you want the texture on and hit assign

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