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As a companion site to 4chan, I've developed http://cybers.cafe to host 3D content. It is an addressable world where 3d models can be uploaded and arranged for others to view.
Use the 'warp' feature to go to any alphanumeric location, and follow the instructions to upload a 3d model or image and place it in the space. (for Menu click top left button) Tell others the name you chose and they can view it there!
What location should I enter?
the upload process is too cumbersome
Enter any location you want to customize. It's just been deployed so there isn't much content yet
Unfortunately people have requested that to playcanvas before and they won't allow it unless they get paid. I chose playcanvas because it is much faster than web based unity but they use a custom file format. That said, once you have their editor set up in your browser the second, third uploads will go quicker and you can stage changes to your original before posting
OP is that a Ferrari parked outside Bergen Concentration Camp?
quite shitty
I didn't post this for the content, its a platform for content because 3d designers are not always developers.
tldr, Go to hell.
lol you fucking suck dude
why anon kun

why would anyone use this shit?
Bait. I'll leave you trolls to each other, as you deserve.
> mlp
> autistic face with autistic picture on it
> didn't learn shit but to make a face and put pic on it

ok I'll never visit this site again
its not bait son, this is shit
Pretty neat anon.

You should add a url addressing feature so you can autodirect to any location.

e.g. http://cybers.cafe#someloc brings you to that location. It would be pretty easy in JavaScript I imagine.
>No longer hosted
Yeah fuck you op eat shit idiot
>NuVera reboot
Went the same way too

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