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File: Screenshot.jpg (153 KB, 1656x945)
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Just finished my short film.
Not a whole lot of interesting stuff happening on the 3D side of this but I figured I'd post it here to see what you all think.

-All the work was done in Maya Student Edition and After Effects
-Used the Morpheus rig for the human characters and created the videoman rig myself
-Everything was animated by hand
-I'm teaching myself C4D now because I feel like I did way more work then necessarily when compositing this thing.
File: screenshot2.jpg (160 KB, 1656x945)
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After Effects is kind of my main program so I spent a lot of times doing effects in there.

I recently found a plugin that allows you to place a video on 3D surfaces by using a 3D Vector pass and it's been a real life saver.
File: screenshot3.jpg (115 KB, 1656x945)
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Spent a long time trying to figure out how to do this shot with a physics simulator but just kept running into a lot of problems with the rig I had made.

So in the end I had to decide to build a new rig from scratch or to animate it by hand. I ended going the most shameful route and animated almost 30 of these guys falling into this pile by hand.
In the end though the shot turned out pretty good though.
File: Screenshot4.jpg (405 KB, 1656x945)
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To save time I'd only do two render passes on this, a beauty shot and a mask shot. I used very little lights to increase render speed and then I'd do a mask pass that would like what I have in this pic.

I'd use after effects to separate those color channels and tweak the beauty pass until it was where I needed it to be.

If you guys have any questions let me know, I've been trying to spend more time on this board.
that was actually pretty entertaining. props.
the audio sounded pretty high quality, and i could see some effort was put into the editing.

any particular reason you stuck with stepped keyframes instead of splining the animation, though?
Just an ongoing development of style. 3D animation can be weird when it comes to minimal animation, you can't really get away with animating things on two's like you do with traditional stuff so for the longest time people just couldn't cut corners, that you had to do everything traditional animation does (and more) to make it look appealing.

Slowly though I'm starting to see some minimalist animation styles start to pop up (oddly enough I see the most interesting stuff coming out of the SFM and Gary's Mod communities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CtUUaWi5Kc) and this was kind of my take on that.
i enjoyed this! love the idea of using stepped keyframes, you should look into stop motion, especially the puppet based stuff (non clay)

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