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I'm trying to become a game developer, but I'm extremely code-oriented and I want to change that.
Even if I eventually pay someone else to do the modeling/animation, I'll need to know the amount of time and difficulty for modeling/animating something, and what is or isn't performant.
I'm following along with the Lynda courses on Blender now (I had already done so with 3DS Max but decided to switch to Blender).

If you could go back and give yourself advice when you started out with 3D modeling and animation, what would those things be?
Are there any really important resources that helped you learn?
yea, always use Up-to-date tutorials and paid ones.
Here you can get them for free, and also everything else 3D-related: cgpeers.com
ill give you an advice after more than 2 years meddling with this shit

i see a TON of game developers who are code oriented do their own models, their own sound and their own assets in general. and so many of them fail.
why? because they don't put the same signifance on the visuals as much as they put on the code. they think that if they can slap one thing here and one thing there, and get a free music from this dude etc.. is gonna help them.

and YES there are very successful developers who do ALL the shit by themselves and nail it right on the head. but those people have put their heart and soul into these games. some indie games take years to finish and no one is even paying you for your efforts in that time. kickstarter and patreon are unreliable options too.

tl;dr if you cut one corner its gonna fall like a house of cards. just look at all the games that are being developed on /agdg/ and take notes

Start with runescape looking shit and go from there.
>you could go back and give yourself advice when you started out with 3D modeling and animation, what would those things be?
Focusing on one thing. Don't bother learning modelling and animation, pick one. Don't learn character modelling and environmental/props, pick one.
Yeah, but why wouldn't you at least try it and see if you like it more/are better at it?
Well yeah, try everything out but then focus on the one thing you like.

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