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so im kinda newish to 3D design, I've taken a course in maya. and I'm about to start taking classes in Autocad for designing houses. what are some tips for starting out? and where can i find good 3D reference material?
uhhm did you actually learn something in the Maya course at all ? And the net is fucking filled with 3d stuff.
i suggest using revit for pure architecture.
yes, and the net is also filled with child porn and murder sites, but thats not broadcasted on the yahoo homepage now is it? people ask for directions cause the net if fucking huge. ass.

googling whatever you're trying to model is just what i do
>yes, and the net is also filled with child porn and murder sites
are you a fucking embryo ? Unless you you are looking for 3d CP everything is completly findable, retard.
Archive.com has some old books on house plans (some with very useful elevation pics for the sides).
I meant Archive.org
How can I make my archviz renders more realistic (even before using Photoshop!)? I can't tell if the problem is with lighting or materials. Yeah, some people will say that you need to pack your scene with furniture and vegetation so it looks real, but I've seen renders without almost anything but a building that still look really good. It really sucks how it just gets to the point where I feel like I'm barely improving and I spend days achieving almost nothing.

It is also pain in the ass to wait for the render (realtime or not) to complete, that's why I'll maybe want to switch to UE4. I waste tons of my time by just waiting.
post some.
Am I supposed to bevel all the wall corners in archviz? I don't really think everyone is doing it, can it even be noticed in exteriors when camera is far enough?

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