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How do I make my 3D renders look like a 2D drawing?

I started off from drawing for a few years, but loomis was too hard for me so I drifted off into 3D.
I'm still a beginner, but compared to drawing, I'm learning much faster.

I want to make illustartions/2D images that come from 3D, just images. Are there any tutorials that show me how to do that? I've seen some models on sketchfab (like the ed edd and eddy one) looking very 2D. https://sketchfab.com/models/c19f6addd5a641aab4840e98df384f5b

also the hair model on the pic is crappy so sorry about that.
You can't, you have to cheat it so it looks good depending on the camera, a simple shader won't do that, it'll always end up looking like crap. There is no cheap substitute for drawing.
yeah I've been thinking of using textures to substitute the crappy lighting and shadows

but after creating the 3D (that looks good on a certain angle only), and capturing the picture, is there a way to use photoshop or something to make it look like a 2D drawing? like altering pic related into one?

Watch the whole thing, it's very informative.
this is 3D ? bretty gud if it is
Loomis is shit

Study Vilppu
Can you really not tell that that is 3D? It doesn't look even remotely 2D.
>wow 2D is too hard
>I know I will make 3D models then turn it into 3D that way I can get around sucking at drawing haha that will work

I am familiar with the way of thinking and I have to say you're never going to accomplish anything in life because you're always looking for shortcuts and never willing to learn
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>he fell for the loomis meme
ow the edge
also I'm not taking shortcuts because when my first models were much worse than the OP pic. this was months ago
Michael Hampton beats them both by a mile
yeah no dude you're retarded

>I can't cook, following recipies is too hard for me so I designed to learn organic chemistry and make food that way lol
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whatever, I don't care if it's considered lazy but I'm gonna keep grinding at 3D modeling and make it.
good attitude
never give up (again)
Look into PSoft Pencil+, Live2D Euclid, and that one Guilty Gear game. Good luck.

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