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I have a clothed model i got from a friend, in terms of actually skin theres only the head with hair and the hands, all the other body parts are clothes.
I wanted to create a nude/unclothed body base from that so that i can create new outfits that all fit the same base, what would be a fast and easy way to do this?
Just buy one if you don't care about the model itself. No point wasting your time sculpting/retop a person if you only care about clothes
Download makehuman, rough out the shape you need, export it to max, shape it to fit the clothes, stitch on the head.

Take Makehuman body. Make it shaped like the body of the model you want to use the head of and then graft the head from that model onto the Makehuman body.

Or if you're not planning on redistributing the model afterwards use Daz, morph the body the way you want it then graft the head of the model you want onto its body.

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