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I want to move away from blender, I still like it, but I am at the point where I see blender limitations and I'm looking for something better.

So, which 3D software is the best regarding rigging and animation (plugins included) that I can also easily import stuff from other software like zbrush, marmoset toolbag, marvelous designer, substance painter/designer and can easily work with unity.

Should I pick 3D max or Maya?

Many thanks.
but usually when people say "i hit a wall with blender" its more about not finding a feature that is hidden from plain sight.
i don't know alot about animation but i had a doing reloading + shooting animations for me in blender and now he is working for a company
Rigging and animation? Maya without question.

Importing/exporting is a problem that has basically been solved now that we have FBX and Alembic. 3ds Max vs. Maya makes no difference here.
I use Maya and Nuke compositing software. It will really make your work stand out, and theres trials for Nuke. Zbrush also if youre inexperienced. Grab it before they add monthly fees.
that hyper guy from youtube?

he did animations for TitanFall2. it's a shame the game didn't do as well as it should have

pic related
literally did a relaod animation for a giant glock. he has tutorials as well
>rigging and animation
Maya, but for the average blender user Max will be better
is Modo fairly industry standard?
>blender limitations
What problems are you running into?

If it's that things are taking too long for you to do, you might be missing an essential free add-on like F2 (or not know how to use it) or be making some other error in workflow (for example not knowing you can select two edges and press F to quickly divide a face)

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