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can someone help me out with a basic c4d problem? I need to edit a hair object but it's blocked for some reason. Probably very basic stuff but I honestly have no clue what to do. Pic related
Did you download a preset? Then maybe it's been locked by a hidden script which you would have to unhide first.
If you create a new hair object, can you edit it?
yes, it's a preset but I can't edit the hair even when I apply it to a sphere for example.
I just tested this on a different pc and it's the same problem

oh sorry, I thought you meant a preset object, not preset hair. It's not preset hair tho. can't edit anything
It sounds like someone made this preset and locked it so you can't change it. You'd have to find the script blocking it.
when i create a new object and just add hair (all in c4d, no presets no plugins) I cn't edit anything either. I feel pretty dumb what the hell is this
which version do u use. some kind of demo?
does it work if you create a new project?
I use Studio R18- full, not demo, also tested with Studio, also tested with Studio R17 on the other pc. Created new projects, same problem
actually reinstalled c4d. it's working now!cthanks for the help tho!

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