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I'm having to gather feedback on my 3D environment , i would appropriate constructive criticism on where i could improve. Also what you like about the scene.
File: 9.jpg (3.57 MB, 3000x1687)
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the camera angel lightning and composition CAN be improved
Well , there's always room for improvement... Could you be more specific ?
File: 12.jpg (1.81 MB, 3000x1687)
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1.81 MB JPG
>render still have a lot of noise
>all cabinets and walls look dirty as hell. if someone is truly using this room he must be a dirty motherfucker. turn down the wear a little
>lightning setup is good but the entire room is purple/blue. and you can't see any lamp which is blue or purple aside from the screens (which may emit too much light)
>camera angle is just boring, you just don't see anything. you can add smashed cola cans, some to-do pins on a board. despite having an already good variation in your environment
>im actually surprised you didn't add volumetrics given that you have a rather dusty place and an exterior light source
>more photoshop/composition is welcomed. but only after you finished working on it

btw what program and tools are you using?
All in Cinema 4D, Thanks for the feedback appreciated.
oh and few more

>when moving the camera away, use a better focal shift for your camera. its almost if you render in ortographic which is not appealing
>some objects are too blocky. and there isn't really any roughness or gloss being displayed here
So in other words put my camera on more on an angel to off more 3D in depth ?
Looks amazing, but
>I don't like the amount of noise really
>I don't think the graffiti is intuitive of the environment.

The environment seems to represent a kind of investigation room used by some rogue hitman, it doesn't seem like that person would graffiti there, also the design wraps around the wall and it doesn't feel like people would write on the wall across two faces. Just small.
Yeah i was going for more of a sub-cultural cyberpunk feel. Not quiet sure i pulled it off.
when finishing a scene always take pictures from several angels, this will give you an indication to how can you improve your scene.
Too much graphical noise. All details and no shape, all the same tone, little lighting. Everything looks rectangular and too aligned (except this was intended as a style) without much flow or dynamics. Too focused on textures when should be focused on shading. Penumbra-tier design. Although each piece in particular looks cool, good job on that.
It lacks inspiration and it lacks a purpose. Like, if you had put a big rainbow flag in the background and two men kissing in the foreground, then it would have had a million views on youtube.
Some of your textures are mirrored. "Wanted" is backwards.
I'd add more contrast in the lighting. It's pretty flat aside from those spots of light here and there. Make them more intense and darken the ambience a bit. Some volumetrics would be nice.
You need to bevel your edges. They're super sharp which means they will have an unnatural shape and won't pick up highlights in the corners, making the lighting look even more flat.
The DoF is weird as fuck. Use a zdepth map or get it in camera.
Your texturing needs a lot of work. Right now it looks like you've just slapped on a few grunge texture on everything. The wear and tear need to make sense. There are scratches and stuff everywhere, as if someone was walking around with a set of keys deliberately scratching every surface. Add wear and tear on edges that are extra exposed and add dust in the corners. Don't just put a ton of scratches
Your metal and concrete look the same. Make them stand out more and make the metal shinier.
It's not terrible though. Keep at it. You need to look at more references and you should also add more detail. Your first picture is by far the best one, it has decent composition and the light looks at its best in it.
Also, you don't need to post such big images and you could definitely step down on image quality. 4chan's servers are slow and a lot of people won't wait for your heavy images to load.
Thanks for that I really appreciate the feedback.
Just don't let the criticism discourage you. I was way worse when I started out. You'll get better soon.
Yeah i'm good with criticism , i'd rather be told how it is, best way of learning. But thanks for the encouraging words.

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